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We are new here at Bark and we can't wait to work with you.

RECBODY is a digital creative company with an emphasis on media production, digital marketing, and business development. After exploring partnerships with independent professional freelancers and agencies with 10+ years of experience, we were inspired to launch our platform.


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11 February 2019

Creative and interesting company to work with. Fast delivery. Thanks for a great service

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A great website is part of your Customer Success.
It is the place where customers find information about your brand and what it offers.

A great website should follow trends in terms of usability;
Design – This is perhaps the most important part of your website/brand, the way your website is designed determines your visitor's willingness to purchase a service from you or not. Keep in mind: Design shouldn’t necessarily mean that the website has to look clean, it is the way you balance the look with different functions in order to make it simple and comprehensive for visitor or client.

Responsiveness - Making the website smooth compatible with both desktop and mobile devices
Interaction - Your website should have either a contact us page or chat function installed.

For us to best provide a service, we always ask our clients what the goal of the project is. From there, we make an analysis of the client’s previous performance for a realistic solution. We believe more in realistic creativity that generates great ROI than accepting the job that would later result in loss of a client’s investment.

Composition: Placement or arrangement of visual elements in a work of art, as distinct from the subject.

Symmetry: A symmetrical shot with strong composition and a good point of interest can lead to a striking image – but without the strong point of interest it can be a little predictable. I prefer to experiment with both in the one shoot to see which works best.

The depth of Field: The depth of field that you select when taking an image will drastically impact the composition of an image.

We would like to know the following;
-The main objective of the project?
-Where is the project going to distributed?

Let us know what your goals, expectations and budget are, and our professional team will analyze your needs and come up with a detailed plan for action.

After analysing your needs, we’ll create a custom-tailored concept with a marketing strategy and present this to you.

Once you approve the concept, we can start producing.

The details make the difference. We at Recbody are perfectionists and that’s why we’re more than eager to spend several hours on the post-production stage to ensure your complete satisfaction. As soon as the content is fully done and edited, we will present the first draft to you.

The final editing stage consists of colour correction, any changes in graphics and the final post-production. Once completed, your brand-new product and content will be delivered to you.

We need as much information as we can get. We have created a page on our website including all the questions we need from our clients.
Please visit this link: https://www.recbody.com/request-a-quote

Over the past few years, Recbody has made it a priority to make our clients satisfied. And that’s through providing them services beyond their expectations under a limited budget. We love helping, in any way we can, our client is a member of our family. Our success depends on our clients.

Small business struggling with a limited budget for content creation inspired us. Creativity coming before money being one of the main factors of our business inspired us to start a business. We founded the business to make it affordable for small businesses and private customers who are looking for high-end production.

We offer services beyond expectations under the client’s budget.
Our team includes managed professionals from different parts of the world with expertise in their respective fields. They are all handpicked and vetted.
We offer financial solutions.
We are affordable.