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I am extremely passionate about all things eCommerce and Digital marketing which is why I set up my own podcast and blog to help businesses make a success with their online store www.successfulonlinestore.com

After 11 year of being Head of eCommerce and Marketing and being extremely hands on my passion for eCommerce led me to decide to work for myself which meant I could work with many varied businesses and meet new wonderful people. It now allows me to concentrate on what I am good at.

I am an eCommerce and Marketing professional with 11 years proven track record in running and growing eCommerce businesses. I am very technically hands on and have significant experience in building, launching and testing new B2C and B2B websites, driving traffic and increasing conversions. I am always looking for new routes to market by discovering and launching on new and exciting marketplaces. I am solely responsible for creating the eCommerce and marketing business plans, setting the budgets and sales forecasts and ensuring they are all run to target.

I am enthusiastic and passionate about all things eCommerce and digital marketing and have a thirst for knowledge always keeping myself up to date with the latest techniques and developments.

I believe these skills and my wealth of knowledge would be a real asset to any business and my enthusiasm for seeing results if something I pride myself on.