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We provide stand out visual design & motion graphics for global brands. Expert delivery of animation, graphic design, specialising in content marketing; infographics and Ebooks, brand development and web design.

Motion Graphics & 3D Renders


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12 April 2019

Excellent communication. Professional design.


Sally-Anne Brown

5 November 2016

Fantastic service from start to finish!! Total branding for my company complete and cannot recommend them enough. Thanks Guys!!


Binka Caven

27 July 2016

Ramsey's Design Lab are a pleasure to work with. Extremely creative & excellent communication skills. They understood my brief perfectly and executed the final product with the utmost professionalism & creative flair. Can't wait to work with them again. More...

Thanks very much for your kind review! The Ring Of Bells is certainly looking super smart! :)


Russell Davidson

17 May 2016

The unique design that Ramsey's Design Lab created is both attractive and highly adaptable. I appreciate their attention to detail, and I am equally pleased with how quickly they completed the project. Thank you for doing such a great job guys! More...

Thanks Russell for your kind review! You're always a pleasure to work with. :)

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A great site is one that is easy to use and navigate, is engaging and presents you, your company or your products in the very best light. Sounds simple but the simple things get in the way of a user focussed website. Oh, and let's not forget it's mobile friendly, given that 70% of traffic is from mobile. We create user friendly web journeys designed to maximise your business. Remove the barriers to sales and glide your customers through to checkout/contact. From simple WordPress to full blown bespoke website design, with UI & UX analysis, whatever your business needs we can deliver.

What don't we ask! To create a successfull design partnership we should become part of your team. Here's a few questions we might ask....

What are your business objectives?
What is the company’s
- Mission
- Vision
- Core values
What is the company’s long term goal?
How would you like to be perceived by others?
Who are your main competitors in your marketplace?
Who is your primary target market?
What do you offer your target market that others do not?
What is your competitive advantage?
How do you plan to focus on your target audience?
What are your main forms of advertising?

Working With Ramsey’s Design Lab Ltd, What Should I Expect?


We like to hold a meeting with all involved parties to get things started. We usually run through a whole host of branding questions to discover drivers and gather insights. Totally happy to do this online, as we're used to working with clients separated by space and time!

A collaborative stage to assign priorities, establish hierarchy of importance, what’s feasible & create a deliverable design brief.

We’ll create concepts; this is a process of trial and error until we’re happy to show appropriate drafts to you.

Final artwork delivered, launched or deployed.

Process=Brief-draft-feedback-draft-feedback-final deliverable.

Draft 1
The first revision round is intended to address the biggest changes. Elements to consider at this stage:
• Do you require changes to the font?
• Do you require changes to the color palette?
• Does the project successfully follow the brief?
• Provide feedback on the style and form. Do the design elements
accurately reflect your brief?
• Provide feedback on the structure. Are you happy with the flow of
the information?
• Do you like the text to graphic ratio?
Feedback should be consolidated and provided at one time. Most projects have multiple stakeholders at the client level - it's important to get feedback from all stakeholders before moving forward. If the MD has not seen the graphic until after the final revision and decides to make changes, the project is likely to require additional revision rounds for a fee.
Feedback should be specific. For example “I like the style of this leaflet here and the style of icons used here. Please use these styles for the next draft." Hopefully some design examples were provided in the brief, but if not, it's likely that these examples will help us the most.
Feedback should be actionable. For example "Title color needs to be changed to green and made larger.” Feedback like "This really needs more depth" could be interpreted too many different ways - it is in your best interest to verbalise or show what is meant by "depth."

Draft 2
• Was all your feedback from your first round included?
• Does the project successfully follow the brand guidelines?
• List any typo or content changes (note that content changes should
be kept to a minimum)
Elements to consider at this stage also include minor tweaks to colors, text, and positioning.
Final Deliverable.
Ensure all your feedback from round two was included and no typos or grammar errors made it past the final round of edits.

Expected project due date. Agreed project cost, plus company style guide and logo if they have them.

Simon is a creative powerhouse, he just loves all things design. He's constantly doodling or learning new skills and techniques. He probably spends at least 3-4 hours a week doing tutorials on new stuff.

We wanted the ability to have a better work/ life balance and to have a nice working environment, we work from home with awesome views of the rolling Devon countryside. We love having the freedom to create partnerships and good working relationships with our own clients. The buck stops with us and we like it that way.

I'm not sure I can answer that- there's a lot of very talented folks out there. There's all the usual stuff, we're highly experienced and have a huge breadth of knowledge in a huge variety of business sectors. I guess at the end of the day it all comes down to relationships and whether you think we'd be a good fit for your project or company. We love what we do and we'd love to hear from you.



Video marketing is hot right now. Whether you want lower thirds and moving graphics on your video presentations, a 3D animation or kinetic type video to describe your services, photo-realistic 3D renders, hand drawn animation, we’ve done the lot and we’ve got your back.

Based in Exeter, we specialise in creating animated videos, business explainer videos, motion graphics, infographics and all things content to enrich your story and business persona. Great design will help you get where you want to be. Brand development with a strong focus on strategy and application is crucial to to make the right promises, speak in the right tone of voice and define our customers experience.

We can create stand out Wordpress websites for your products or services. Great for lead generation or full e-commerce. We have made 100s of sites using this platform and have pushed it to its limits. We've created full learning management systems, e-commerce shops, superb landing pages and of course a perfect showcase for any portfolio or blog. We make sure we train you how to use it and cover topics such as maintenance, backups and content loading.