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Darrell Luca

28 April 2019

I have been coming to Hal for 3 months. He is simply amazing!!! I have attended hypnotherapy to quit smoking so I can be around a long time for my kids. The results are positive. If you really want to quit smoking, Hal is great! More...


Rochel Koepke

29 November 2018

Get professional hypnotherapy in Long Island. Hal is a recommended hypnotherapist, his hypnosis really works! I was depressed for years, I didn’t work, I didn’t do anything social, I hated life. After seeing Hal, I started to get my life back, and I haven’t turned back. Thank you Hal! More...


Rex Vallecillo

31 August 2018

I would recommend Hal to everyone who is having marriage issues. Highly recommend!!! Got quick results. My wife and I are better than ever. Hal is also incredibly empathetic and a great listener. More...


Randell Fritsche

15 June 2018

Hal saved my marriage. I thought we were going to get a divorce, but now we are stronger than ever.. He is excellent.


Kevin Mordekovich

28 May 2018

We were looking for pre-marriage couple counseling. We just wanted to set ourselves up for a better future together as a couple. We decided to attend some sessions with Hal Brickman. That was the right decision. Three years after our wedding, we are still going strong. Thank you Hal! More...


Catharine Alexander

28 May 2018

I had a lot of irrational fears that were preventing me from enjoying my life. After just a few sessions with Hal, I began to feel better and was able to hang out with my friends more.


Issabella Parkin

28 May 2018

Hal is an exceptional therapist to me in my life!!! Since going to Hal, I haven’t touched a cigarette and tobacco... He is best hypnotherapist!!


Emery Overly

28 May 2018

You can stop looking now. Hal is one of the most intuitive and supportive Hypnotherapist. We have a great experience of our son, who was addicted to smoking. Really, Hal you have given such a happiness to me and my husband by completely eliminating smoking from Jimmy’s (our son) life. More...


Peter Fuccillo

28 May 2018

I was very stressed out and felt like I was losing control of my life. One day, my family friend suggested that I meet Mr. Brickman. I took their advice because I was desperate. Hal is a very knowledgeable and caring person. He listened to my concerns and provided greater solutions. Now, I am stress free. More...


Sophia Paul

28 May 2018

Mr. Hal is an excellent psychiatrist. We were in need of couple’s therapy. We contacted Hal after reviewing him online. He is really skilled and professional. Our sessions with him have been life-changing. I highly recommend him. Thank you, Hal! More...


Edward Anderson

28 May 2017

I was always doubtful of hypnosis in general, but after meeting with Hal, I decided to try it out. Hal is a true healer. He is an excellent listener. After one session with Hal, I had to come back. The results have been great! I was able to quit smoking and have improved self-confidence. I highly recommend him as hypnotherapist to everyone. More...


Kelly C.

23 September 2016

He is too good. He is great at what he does. Calm and focused. He knows how to lighten up a situation and make it seem not so bad. I am so grateful that I him to take care of me. No one is better than him. How can I ever thank him enough?Thank you Hal. More...


Lisa W.

28 August 2016

Hal is a great guy and a fantastic person to let into your life. His office is very homey, and I've always felt extremely comfortable. He has helped me through so much turmoil in my life, I'm not sure what I would do without him! He has the ability to see past my words and show me what I'm really trying to express. Unfortunately I've had a hypnotist for years and only found Hal recently. He is the best and worth every penny! When I was trying to stop smoking my previous hypnotist took 2 years and I never saw results, Hal was able to build up on what the previous hypnotist did and I was down to only a few months after five weeks! While he told me that's not typical, but it shows you the amount of talent and experience this man has. More...


Arlene P.

25 July 2016

I had a fear of public-speaking. I'm using the past-tense because with Hal's help I actually look toward to speaking in a public forum. My sister told me about Hal after his artful use of hypnosis did the trick. I use the word "trick" because after a two pack a day twenty two year smoking habit she thought it would take magic to help her beat the addiction. She was wrong. It took Hal and his brilliant use of hypnosis. More...


Glen W.

15 June 2016

I've seen another review on here and none of that could be true. While this is a private practice in a private home, this therapist is the nicest person you'll ever meet! You're sessions will be amazing and he's got a great voice for hypnosis! More...

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