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Personalised sessions and training plans. I try to help my clients to think of training and a healthy lifestyle as a lifelong thing rather than just something you do to prepare for an event. Why feel confident and healthy for just a short period of time when you can feel good everyday?

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Ros A

19 February 2019

If you feel that working out is a chore then Poppy is the woman for you. Just an hour of training with her will leave you walking taller, with more body-confidence and renewed fitness goals. Go for it!


Emma Green

30 January 2019

Poppy is an amazing motivator and always makes work-outs super fun. She has been super dedicated to helping me with my fitness goals for many years now, and always with such great energy, empathy and a positive attitude. I couldn't live without her!


Mari Kitten

12 January 2019

Poppy has been my PT for almost a year and has helped improve my strength and body greatly! She never fails to lift my mood, I thoroughly enjoy my sessions! Definitely recommended!


Francesco Leonardi

7 January 2019

I've been training with Poppy for more than a year now and I can't say how happy I am with this choice.
Poppy's amazing, she's really dedicated in what she does and always knows the best training based on what you want to achieve.
She makes it fun and enjoyable but at the same time she's very motivated and encouraging.
Just watching her you can really say she loves what she does!
Can't recommend her enough! !



10 August 2018

Always a fun and challenging workout! Poppy really takes the time to cater to your workout needs and goals while maintaining variety and fun! Always encouraging and accommodating! Really outstanding PT! More...


Michele Jogee

6 August 2018

Poppy is total motivation and pleasantness.
I would not enjoy working out if it wasn’t for her dedicated and kind manner.
Poppy is realistic about goals and shows empathy.
I’d highly recommend her to beginners like me and likewise she must be an inspiration to more advanced members.

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I don't believe that everyone needs the same thing as everyone is different. I take in accounting my client's lifestyle and physical abilities. Depending on the goals I tailor a program that is appropriate for them.

Consistency and having faith in the process. It won't happen straight away so you have to be patient! Getting a good balance between living a healthy lifestyle and having fun is important as I believe that you should make fitness a part of your life not just a 3 week thing you do before a big event!

The fact that I get to interact with so many interesting people. I love being a part of my client's world, the idea that I create a positive impact to their mindset around taking care of their bodies makes me happy.

I started my own fitness journey with no athletic background and it had such a huge positive impact on my life in so many different ways. Physically and mentally. It helped me with anxiety , stress and it made me feel that by controlling this that I can do so much more that I don't think that I am capable of doing . I then realised how many other people struggled with all this feelings and I wanted to help others to feel empowered by the power of fitness.

I always try to learn more. People know that I will push them when they need to be pushed. I commit to people and expect the same in return. I understand that everyone is different so my attitude and my training style changes depending on what my client’s needs are. ’It’s never a question of can you, but will you?’’


Personal Training and Fitness Instructing

Yoga Teacher Training (200 hrs)

Nutritional Advisor

Kettlebell instructor

Boxing/ Kickboxing