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THAT FRIDAY NIGHT FEELING IS GOOD ISN’T IT? Two days of spending time with your family and friends , learning a new hobby, catching up with old ones, or even just enjoying some you time. And then you remember … that pile of ironing (but first you have to descale the iron), the skirting boards that need your attention, the bookshelves that need dusting, the vacuuming and don’t even mention the bathroom!


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13 August 2019

Firstly, their reponse time to my request were very frequent and prompt which I thought was great. The lovely lady who came to clean was Georgiana and she tried so well to accommodate me as I needed someone ASAP. Her cleaning was thorough and her service was lovely. Would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a deep clean AND the pricing is very affordable. More...



2 July 2019

Really friendly and professional cleaning service


Yes we provide all our own cleaning equipment and supplies.