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I became interested in movement in my early twenties because I was suffering from low level but constant back pain. Joining a Pilates Mat Class was my first step out of pain. It inspired me to train to become a Pilates Teacher, first with Body Control Pilates and more recently with Polestar Pilates. In tandem to my professional studies I have been pursuing a whole range of movement strategies, life style changes and spiritual development to learn to support myself in a position of wellness and well-being. As a client I have dabbled in Feldenkrais, Yoga, the Alexander Technique, Craniosacral Therapy, Meditation, Reiki, Osteopathy, the Bowen Technique, Myofascial Release, Psychotherapy, Tai Chi and other modalities. All of which have informed my development as a teacher of movement. Adopting the Polestar approach to the teaching of Pilates and training to Level 1 as a Franklin Method Educator have together lead to a fundamental shift in my approach to teaching movement. My focus now is to help my clients find efficient movement strategies that allow them to perform their daily activities with ease and flow, from a place of calm internal support. I primarily uses the Pilates repetoire of exercises and the Pilates studio equipment in my teaching, but the teaching methodology I employ comes from the Polestar Evolved Pilates approach and the Franklin Method.