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If you have any pains, aches or injuries related to sports or just daily life, we are the experts you need to get rid of that pain. For all your musculoskeletal complaints, including some types of headaches, you can be assured you are in safe hands with our team of physios.


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Donna Hall

23 July 2018

Brilliant service. Sorted my poor old back out and I've learned a lot too. I continue with Simons exercises and I actually think my back is stronger than it was prior to the injury. Thank you!


Zack Cooper

23 July 2018

Absolutely top class service by Simon. After moving to France to pursue professional triathlon, I contacted Simon to help me fix a foot issue. After an initial demonstration, he took me through how to fix my foot and just like that, the pain had gone! Thanks again Simon! More...


Kat Lord

23 July 2018

I had two appointments due to a minor it band issue. Simon had a lot of knowledge and expertise. He explained what I should do and why, corrected my form. I am really grateful for the support as I’m about to train for my second marathon.
Brilliant service, two locations which suited me and lovely people. I would definitely recommend this place and would use them again (but hopefully won’t need to!!!)


Helina Giles

25 March 2018

The pilates classes here are excellent. The instructors are very knowledgeable and set the right standard for the class so it's a good level of challenging. We've always really enjoyed our classes and appreciate the smaller class sizes so you know you'll get individual attention. More...


Ana Mitrica

22 March 2018

I thoroughly recommend Physio & Pilates Central. I had both physiotherapy treatment with Simon and Pilates classes with Suzanne and they are a fantastic team. I have already recommended both of them to family and friends. Simon is very knowledgeable and a positive person, he prescribed very effective exercises which took only a couple of minutes per day, very easy to integrate into a busy schedule. My recovery went very well. Simon collaborated with Suzanne and during her classes she tailored the Pilates exercises in order for me to get the maximum benefit and accelerate my recovery. Suzanne is a specialist Pilates instructor and her approach is very focused but also gentle. With Suzanne I had the best Pilates classes! More...


Emily G

17 March 2018

Pilates sessions with Anna are great - she really explains everything well and is great at correcting your movement when necessary. She is also super friendly and makes the classes a lot of fun. The small class sizes are perfect and you get a great workout so would highly recommend. More...


Zack Cooper

16 February 2018

After recently moving to France to become a professional triathlete, I contacted my long term physio, Simon over in the UK to help me with suspected cuboid syndrome. After an intial demonstration, he took me through how to fix the problem and just like that, the pain stopped! Thanks a lot Simon, I'm now back running! More...


J Alexander

15 December 2017

Fantastic, friendly Physio centre for all ages, on the edge of Wimbledon Common. Simon is a genuine miracle worker. Parking and free WiFi. My wife loves the pilates classes too. More...


Lianne Wallace

24 October 2017

Simon was fantastic at sorting out my ITB issues - literally got me up and running in no time. My red spiky ball, foam roller exercises and squat routine have been transformational. I didn't think I would run again due to painful runner's knee - but I am! And pain free - as long as I stick to the programme! No excuses now ;) More...


gordon smith

30 September 2017

Excellent and first rate treatment i would recommend anyone to this practice


Craig Stilwell

22 August 2017

Very knowledgeable and assisted me in getting to the root of my condition


Helina Giles

2 August 2017

Having confidence in a physician is very important to me and that's what I have in Simon, in fact my calf muscle improved tremendously in just a week after doing the exercises he set me, even he's impressed with the result!


Heather Churchouse

18 April 2017

I am using my wife's account to post a review. I went in with some running knee niggles and pain. Simon diagnosed the problem really quickly and set me a course of exercises. That all worked and I am back running again with no pain. Can't recommend these guys enough. They are really good. More...


Titanium Bodies

10 April 2017

I am Personal Trainer that deals with all types of clients with all manner of goals. For me it is important to have someone I trust to refer clients to for a clear cut diagnosis. I have sent numerous client to Simon and his team and each has come back with an individual diagnosis and treatment, something I, as a trainer can then work with. More...


Ben Freeman

27 January 2017

Simon was a great help over 3 months supporting me in getting back to full fitness. Can't recommend more highly.


Charlotte Taverner

5 January 2017

Physio Central is excellent. Easy to get an appointment at a convenient time, even at last minute. Professional and informed, very thorough diagnosis. My knee injury is all but forgotten thanks to Simon and his team. I'd recommend to a friend. More...


Felix Hamer

3 January 2017

Simon was excellent in both diagnosing and helping me rehabilitate my dodgy knee (I've forgotten the technical term! - basically cartilage was loose in my knee and kept locking the joint). Now I'm pain free and sporting away. More...


Trevor Jayakody

29 November 2016

Suzanne is an excellent teacher and you'll notice real progress whatever your goals. Classes are the perfect level of challenge and I always feel mentally relaxed afterwards - can't recommend highly enough!


Katy Popplewell

26 October 2016

I went to see Simon twice while preparing for my first half marathon. I initially had knee pain after my longer training runs. Simon quickly identified the problem and gave some exercises to do which worked really well and stopped any further knee pain. I also had a sports massage in the week before the half marathon which was was a great help ahead of the run.

I highly recommend Physio and Pilates Central and will definitely use them again in the future.


Ever since I was young I've always been fascinated about the way the human body works. Equally, I love working out the cause when things go wrong and correcting these issues.

The freedom to provide the level of service that I would want if I were receiving treatment. I can also mould the job to be exactly what I want

The word of mouth referrals, testimonials and google reviews are a testament to how highly people value our service. People even travel from places as far as East London, Guildford and even Kent to ensure they get the best possible service. Since setting up we have assembled a team of high quality chartered physiotherapists and massage therapists to ensure you are getting the most out of your treatment and a full relief from pain.
Both 1:1, 2:1 and group Pilates classes are led by our excellent instructors ensuring you get the most out of your classes and leave feeling relaxed. You'll notice improvements in your strength in just a few sessions.



We only have good physios and they break down your assessment and treatment into 3 simple steps: 1) Assessment: Our team of chartered, experienced physiotherapists all provide comprehensive assessments in order to get the root of exactly what is causing your pain and any underlying factors so you can be sure an accurate diagnosis is made. Simon, Jen, Tom, Liz and Alan (the physios) will then explain exactly what the issue is in a way that YOU understand - this is a two way conversation and we will ensure you understand fully as this is extremely beneficial for your recovery. 2) Manual/hands-on treatment: From here our team are able to apply excellent hands-on treatment techniques which may include massage, joint mobilisations/manipulations and even acupuncture/dry needling. Of course, there are multiple ways to address most injuries so we also discuss treatment options with you e.g. avoiding acupuncture if you "don't like needles." 3) Simple exercises: Whilst manual treatment can often be effective in the short term, exercises will usually be taught in order to make any longer term changes required. These are kept as simple as possible and will not take a long time. You can also be sure we won't just give you a big printed sheet of exercises for you to try and work out the peculiar-looking drawings and what exactly it is you're meant to be doing. You can be sure to leave here feeling better and you will also be given your physio's direct contact details should you have any questions that you may have forgotten to ask during the session.

Sports massage isn't just for sporty people. The primary aim of it is to make you feel better! Essentially it is a firm massage that helps you to loosen off any tight areas that may be uncomfortable or affecting your movement. It is also a great stress reliever and you should feel very relaxed afterwards. When describing it as a "firm massage" some people can worry that it is very painful. This is not the case when it is done properly as how much pressure is applied will depend on how tight you are, so pressure will be adjusted depending on your feedback as well as how it feels to the therapist. Miles Bosoni is our massage therapist and most of his referrals are word-of-mouth which is testament to just how good he is. But you won't need us to tell you that once you have been to see him.

Pilates has often been seen as an exercise that you do when you've got a sore back, or something just for ladies. But this is not the case and many high level athletes, both men and women, use it to help enhance their performance (in a legal way) including rugby players, cyclists and a certain Mr Murray of the tennis world. The main focus of Pilates is on quality of movement, ensuring you move well and are strong through these movements. This can reduce the chance of picking up injuries and it may even help improve your performance. Everyone seems to notice different ways that is has helped them, from putting out more power when riding their bike, to improving their running technique (and performance) and just generally feeling stronger and less tired on a daily basis. There tends to be a noticeable improvement in as little as 3-4 sessions. The Pilates instructors also ensure the classes are varied and progressive so you are not just "going through the motions" every week and to ensure you continually improve. As an added bonus, you also tend to feel very relaxed afterwards and people often hang around for a coffee and a chat afterwards.