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Ros Huntley

Exciting new company aiming to entice people into engaging with theatre old and new.



I've been directing Theatre since 2005 and have a wealth of experience in the field. My recent productions have been The Rain King by Sarah Wallis (4 stars), Doctor Faustus, Phaedra and Dear Brutus. In 2014 I'll be directing The Tempest, Engaged by W.S. Gilbert for the Harrogate International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival, the Ronald Duncan Playwriting Competition Winner and Bradford's Undercliffe Cemetery annual show as well as a number of other projects. I now run my own Theatre Company: Second Floor Theatre

I am an untrained photographer, but have been interested in photography since the age of seven, mostly in photographing nature and landscapes. Over recent years people have seen my photos and asked me to photograph them and then they started to pay me for it. I have diversified into theatrical photography. Of the actors I have worked with through theatre, most of them seem to have one or more of my images of them as their headline photo on social media. However I'm not trained and I only have a Bridge camera, not a full DSLR. I cannot provide a requested particular effect, I work by trial and error, but this gives me the ability to discover new ways of working. People seem to like what i can do.

I have been published both as a writer and a poet.

I have volunteered and worked in Special Needs Education since 1996 at the age of 14. In 2009 I was working in an Autistic Unit within a Secondary School. One of the students who also had severe behavioural problems was accessing a drama GCSE. After a year of mainstream lessons he was on course for a G and could not perform or identify where an audience would be. I took the student on for a year with one to one lessons. At the end of the year he performed to a high standard, his written work was improving at the rate of a grade a fortnight and he could talk about Stanislavsky and Brecht. He obtained a C grade overall. From this experience I decided to obtain my teaching qualification which I achieved in 2012.

I began acting properly in 2002 when I began my degree in Performing Arts. I'd always loved Theatre but never considered it as a career. Then someone gave me a Theatre Company to run. I love acting and still occasionally take on a role I like, I'm averaging one a year, but much of my time is now taken up with Directing where I can present the full vision of a piece of Theatre.

I have always designed the lights for the shows I've directed since writing my very first play inspired by a single lighting effect. I have always found it a highly enjoyable and creative experience. Although i'm not trained in the skill and only have experience with basic kit (nothing that moves), my lighting designs have always allowed me to create expressive shows and have received excellent feedback.