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IBD Internet Business Directory - Managing Director 2003 to present

Internet marketing since 2001, building IBD in 2003 and gradually taking it to the top of the World's major search engines.
My goals include helping as many people as possible to achieve top rankings in Google.



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My real skill is SEO, or Search Engine Optimisaton. I used this to create IBD which is consistently the top ranked Internet Directory in the World for this search - internet business directory - it has been number one for most of the time, since January 2006. IBD is the vehicle that drives my customers pages to page one Google, which to my mind, is far more important than my website being number 1. You can search IBD, but it is not designed for that, I have set it up so that my customers businesses are found just one click from the search results - it could be YOUR business. I use this skill to build websites for my customers. I also use this skill to report on the SEO (or lack of it) for third party websites, and offer this as a stand alone service. It is rare that come across a website that I cannot improve in terms of SEO, but on the odd occasion that I do, I will say so.

The secret of generating more business leads is Reputation Marketing; we show you how to generate and maintain a solid 5 Star Reputation On-Line, and monitor that reputation going forward. There are 4 massive on-line changes happening right now that are redefining marketing - and hardly anyone is aware of it! The Reputation of a business affects every aspect of marketing; unless that reputation is better than 4 Star, all money spent on marketing may as well be burnt.

Cayenne helps businesses become better content producers...and helps content producers become better businesses. Create your own private social network. Create content once and use multiple times, including email to your targeted lists. You are in control of your data. and much more...