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PeruNorth is a boutique tour operator taking the experience of many years living and working in South America - particularly Peru, where the company was originally begun - and knowledge of the tourism industry to create a niche website providing often unique information and carefully-crafted tours for two connected, emerging destinations: Northern Peru and the Amazon basin.



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We love to promote Peru's lesser-visited regions to an English-speaking public. And with the arrival of tourists to these areas, there is an obvious economic benefit to hotel owners, guides, restauranteurs etc, combined with a more subtle enhanced sense of worth for the local environment and traditions, seeing them being enjoyed by overseas visitors.

We aim to make the whole holiday process an enjoyable one, from initial planning to photo-sharing.

After many years working for internet-based tourism companies that focussed on South America, I wanted to provide a user-friendly platform for a number of destinations that seemed criminally overlooked ... but with an understanding of the needs and tastes of the Western traveller.

- Specialist Knowledge: many years living, working & travelling in South America.
- Personal Service: an expert will assist you every step of the way.
- Financial Protection: all customer monies covered by Travel Vault membership insurance.