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Personal trainer VKfitness

Littlehampton, West Sussex, East Sussex

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Personal trainer VKfitness

Littlehampton, West Sussex, East Sussex


Viera Krivdova Personal Training offers 1:1 fitness training as well as group fitness training sessions to individuals of all ages and abilities. I have been training people first as a gym I structor and group exercise instructor for 8 years and now I work as a self employed personal trainer who goes to people's homes or gardens or meet them in the park.



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I asses persons ability on the first day by talking to them about their goals and possible health issues and then I take them through an exercise session that has a mixture of exercises and see how they get on.
After establishing a starting point I make the exercises more advanced over time and make the sessions more intense when suitable and appropriate.
I also encourage people to do exercise on regular basis at least 3 times a week, with or without trainer.
Food and eating habits is of course, very important part of person goals so I tend to question people about their eating habits and discuss any changes that need to be done in order to reach/ maintain desired goal.
I encourage people by living balanced life without thinking that they have to kill themself with exercise or starve themself to feel or look good.
It's all about balance when you train with me!

The secret is finding balance and discipline in areas of exercise and food without having to feel that life rotates around workouts and food diaries.
I believe that healthy self image comes from healthy thinking and that takes time to train.
After all we are what we think we are. And looking and feeling healthy should be a joy to keep, not a torture or obsession.
So my answer is balance in regular exercise, balance in eating and getting enough rest.

I love meeting new people and building good relationships with them on our journey together to better health and fitness.
Also I feel the joy when people start to feel better due to regular exercise and I feel glad I can be part of it.

I always liked working in health and fitness industry as it always appealed to me. I love showing people how to exercise and correct bad exrcise habits.
And after 8 years of working in a gym I decided to find my own clientele and make my own schedule and hit my own targets.
I have to say, because I love this job, it doesn't feel like a job.

I have experience of training people of all ages and abilities and I have long term clients which is always good sign of good service.
I am easy going trainer, and I don't push people to do things they don't feel comfortable with.
I believe people need to like their trainer and I have been training people through thick and thin and always managed to keep my spot.
I am people's person and I care about people's training as well as people themself or whatever they are going through.