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If you are suffering with pain, inflammation, insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression or a disease, I can help you. Treatment from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you are travelling to! As long as you have access to the internet, we can work together!

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Oliver Law

8 September 2018

Thank you for your help with my performance related anxiety! Would recommend to anyone suffering with their nerves!


Tiahn Melhem

8 September 2018

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!! I had pain in my left leg after training, the pain was so irritating as I couldn’t even walk on it. After meeting with Hannah we found the pain was also linked to the pain in my jaw. Immediately the pain did increase for a short while but that night when I trained it was completely pain free. I haven’t had a problem since and I’ve felt great. Thank you so much ���� More...


Rob Edwards

8 September 2018

Hannah has really helped sort out a troublesome back and a very poorly knee. I can’t pretend to fully understand what she does but it has clearly worked for me. I would certainly like to recommend her far and wide.

Thank you, Hannah!


Alison Tate

8 September 2018

I am the owner of the foot that is pictured on this site. Hannah worked tirelessly to help me over the Christmas/New Year period; without her I would no doubt still be in a lot of pain and unable to walk. Quite astounding. More...


Lottie Bagnall

8 September 2018

THANK YOU HANNAH for your help with my insomnia. I don’t know what it is you do or how you do it but I know it WORKS! You’re a magician. Highly recommend!!


Anna Moodie

8 September 2018

I had a session with Hannah yesterday to help with my migraines. I arrived at hers in a lot of pain and feeling really sick. After just an hour of treatment I not only felt better but I felt positive about the work I had to do later that day. I’ve been to so many people/doctors/institutions about my condition but none have produced results that have been this effective. Thanks Hannah! More...

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I get to change people's lives, every day! How amazing is that! My neuro therapy helps people out of physical and mental illness, and my holistic coaching helps people to reshape their lives, for better health, prosperity and outlook.

You name it, I had it! Pain, inflammation, insomnia, anxiety, depression.. I found a treatment that reversed my conditions and I just HAD to learn how to do it. So I studied hard, and became a practitioner.

You should choose me because I can make you better. You've tried other avenues and they are just not working. My approach is new, groundbreaking, a little unconventional, and HIGHLY effective! My clients say things like this:

"The truth is that my life has been transformed since being treated by Hannah. I have had no pain for several months now. It has been nothing short of miraculous.

I realise this could all sound implausible, but my reality is this: I had a lot of severe and constant pain for two years. One month after starting treatment with Hannah I have no pain. I have no other explanation than the treatment works."

"I have been on a 6-week journey so far with Hannah, having twice weekly face time sessions.

In that time, my pain has reduced dramatically. If I had to put a % on it, I’d be confident in saying 90%. That’s a MASSIVE improvement. Before, I was in so much pain, a daily grind. I’d learnt to just live with it but now I’ve had such an improvement I don’t know how I coped before."