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Paul Milham Hypnotherapy

Clinics in Crawley / South East London, West Sussex / London

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Paul Milham Hypnotherapy

Clinics in Crawley / South East London, West Sussex / London

1 hire on Bark.com


Paul Milham is a qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapist specialising in a new and dynamic therapy that acts as a catalyst for long-lasting change.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a cutting edge therapy that takes the best of what neuroscience tells us about the workings of our minds and applies it to a highly effective hypnotherapy treatment.


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24 July 2019

I was sceptical for sure. Hypnosis is about making someone behave like a chicken on stage right and then you just assume it's all setup and isn't for real?I'm not sure what compelled me to give it a go not really thinking it's for real bit I did.In the first meeting with Paul I spoke about how I dislike biting my nails and that I have done it for as long as I can remember. I'd never spoken to anyone about it before and that in itself was the starting point I needed. Paul explained how biting my nails had become my brains way of dealing with boredom and other situations. Once I realised this my journey had really begun.I had two sessions with Paul. After the first one I went about a week without biting my nails and then after the second appointment two months ago I haven't bitten my nails at all. My nails are growing and even need filing down now!I'd recommend Paul's treatment for anyone wishing to break a lifetimes bad habit. More...



29 June 2019

The sessions that I have had with Paul have been outstanding. It’s been a fascinating journey for me. Paul conducts himself with exceptional professionalism and care for his clients. I have no hesitation in recommending his work-it gets results. GF More...



9 June 2019

Paul has helped me stop my anxiety ocd triggered nail biting, skin picking and hair pulling all in 4 sessions. He has also hugely increased my self esteem, productivity and confidence.


Shelly Mercer

7 May 2019

I saw Paul 3 months ago because I wanted to stop smoking. I was what you would call a proper smoker. Smoking over 10 a day. I went to see Paul as I was determined to give up. 3 months on I can’t believe I’m actually saying that I am now a non smoker. He is amazing at what he does. I would highly recommend. More...


Caroline Brenchley

3 March 2019

it's not an understatement to say that Paul is lifting my 21 year old Son out of a very dark place. He has suffered many losses. Firstly his Uncle Died of Cancer (He was more of a Dad as his Dad died when he was 2) then his Nana got Terminal Cancer. At the same time I developed ptsd so he sort of lost me aswell. He was reclusive, in chronic fear and hated a cruel dark World. With the Science behind Hypnotherapy and Paul's kindness and compassion he now is excited for the future and has hope and resilience to handle Life with all its ups and downs. Thank you Paul. you show that true despair can be completely reversed !!! very grateful Mum More...



25 February 2019

Paul is an amazing guy. He puts you at ease from the start and listens to you. I wanted to stop drinking fizzy drinks and I did drink a lot of them every day. So far 4 weeks in and I haven't drunk one nor do I want to drink one. Sleep is now a top priority in my life and since it has improved other things in my life have fallen into place. Many people are unsure about hypnosis and what I would say is " go and chat to Paul as the first session is free " Highly recommend Paul . More...



14 January 2019

Pauls sessions have helped me maintain my anxiety and stress at work. Ever since I started the hypnotherapy I've seen a massive change in my confidence and overall happiness.One of the reasons I started is to overcome my fear of failure when taking exams. I booked a session just before my exam and I have to say that I have never been so calm and positive about sitting an exam. I believe if it wasn't for this I don't think I would've passed the exam! I highly recommend hypnotherapy with Paul if you want to ditch the anti depressants and make a positive impact in your mind. More...



9 August 2018

Paul is absolutely brilliant. His professionalism and kindness made me istantly feel at ease and I could not ask for a better experience. After the first session I saw improvement and I can honestly say since then hypnotherapy has changed my life for the better. My last session was to quit smoking (which I have now done!!).I would highly recommend Paul’s clinic to anyone considering hypnotherapy. More...


Kasem Chouja

23 July 2018

I was feeling quite lost with my career and after my sessions with Paul, I feel less anxious and more confident to expand on my opportunities. Thank you Paul, you have made a tremendous difference. More...


Joanna Gasiorek

23 July 2018

Paul's hypnotherapy sessions have helped me with my anxiety. They changed my life. Not only has my anxiety gone down but my self confidence has increased and have been able to focus on making me dreams come true. Life could not be any better. Thank you Paul. More...


Chris Love

23 July 2018

Suffering from crippling anxiety hypnosis is pretty much my last option to help me with this hell. I saw Paul tonight for my 1st session. I left feeling very relaxed and though nothing more of it. Soon arriving home I suddenly realised that I had just sat in traffic for almost 30 mins without so much as a heart flutter. Sitting in traffic is one of my anxiety triggers!!! I’m looking forward to my next session and highly recommend Paul he’s a really nice guy and will only let you focus on positive thinking and he is really welcoming and genuinely wants to help. Thank you so much Paul. More...


Buddhika Karunasekara

28 May 2018

I needed help to quit smoking and Paul's hypnotherapy treatment is just what I needed. I've been smoke-free since :). Paul is a good listener and he goes the extra mile to find out the root of the problem and that is probably why his sessions are successful. Highly recommended!


Chris Wootton

28 May 2018

I went to see Paul to help me stop biting my nails. He made me feel immediately relaxed and after a forty minute session I haven't bitten them for over a month! I'd highly recommend Paul, next time I might even consider giving up smoking. More...


Natasha Ward

28 May 2018

SMOKING I have nothing but praise for Paul. As someone that only smoked when they had a few drinks (and could then smoke quite a few!!), I had been trying to give up for years, never succeeding and hating myself for it. One visit to Paul has cured this. I am three months down the line, with lots of evenings of temptation, and simply do not want a cigarette. I only wish I had gone to him years ago. More...



17 February 2018

Paul is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever spoke to, any pre nerves completely faded as soon as we started talking.He’s helped me with stress and even after the first session I felt so much more relaxed than ever.The first consultation was completely free and was handed a cd which helped me settle with sleep instantly.When I first thought about hypnosis, I thought I would be dancing around like a chicken! However Paul talks you through the science behind it and puts you on the right path.5 weeks I’ve been seeing Paul now and I feel like a completely different person to the one that started, even my close friends and family comment on how laid back I am.Would recommend hypnosis and Paul to everyone . More...



5 December 2017

I went to see Paul a month ago after depression and anxiety had suddenly krept up on me and taken over my life. My weight was spiraling out of control as a result and I was struggling to even get out of bed in the morning. I noticed results even after my initial free consultation with Paul, he gave me a hypnotherapy track to listen to each night which I do religiously. I have never slept so well! A month later I’m at a point where I’m enjoying the small things in life again. Last month it was like I was just trying to stay afloat- as each day was just spent willing it to be bedtime! I’m not shouting at the kids and the husband! I’m in control of my eating, i’m managing my to workload. I was very skeptical about hypnotherapy but I can’t recommend Paul enough. Thank you Paul More...



7 November 2017

I needed help to quit smoking and Paul's hypnotherapy treatment is just what I needed. I've been smoke-free since :). Paul is a good listener and he goes the extra mile to find out the root of the problem and that is probably why his sessions are successful. Highly recommended!



13 October 2017

I went to Paul with a phobia of spiders. Something I have had all my life and am now passing onto my children. After the sessions I can now have windows open, go into the garage in the dark and not be fearful of finding a spider while my husband is out. Paul was very professional and friendly. I would highly recommend More...



5 October 2017

I went to Paul to help with an ongoing phobia that had been worrying me for some time. I have tried a number of different tools and techniques before, all to no avail, so I wasn't expecting a huge amount from Hypnotherapy. However, the results have blown me away. It has been a few months now and I feel that my phobia has reduced to an extent that no other treatment has reached before. Paul was a huge reason for this- I found him so helpful, articulate and reassuring that any initial trepidation I had about the therapy was quickly dissipated. He was tremendously enthusiastic and professional, and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone. Seeing Paul has had a tangibly positive and sustained effect on my life. Thanks! More...



25 September 2017

I struggled with my weight all my life but could never seem to stop my love of fast food. I decided to give hypnotherapy a go (cheaper and less risky than the gastric band surgery I was contimplating). I found Paul to be very professional from the start and I was shocked that my cravings and hunger have gone. The only problem now is I have had to buy a complete new wardrobe. Oh well can't win them all I guess. Thank so much Paul. More...



22 September 2017

After being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia I contacted Paul for help with pain management. With his help I am now getting my pain under control. Paul was very professional and I would highly recommend him. More...



15 September 2017

Went to Paul to help quit smoking after being a smoker for over twenty years.He was extremely polite and professional plus made me feel at ease about going through hypnotherapy.Result- smoke free from moment I left the session, not touched a cigarette since for five months.Would recommend Paul highly, excellent More...



8 September 2017

A thoroughly professional consultation with immediate results. Highly recommended hypnotherapist



8 September 2017

Paul helped me reduce my anxiety around a stimulus I had been afraid of most of my life. He is a highly professional, skilled Therapist- thank you Paul.,I worked with Paul to overcome a life long phobia. He was able to help me reduce my anxiety and be much more comfortable around something that used to bother me profoundly. He is highly professional and very positive. I couldn't recommend him highly enough. More...



19 June 2017

Very calming presence, very professional.


Elizabeth Newton

28 May 2017

Paul is professional and compassionate and highly knowledgeable.

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I love helping people. As my form of Hypnotherapy measures progress I am seeing amazing improvement with my clients. I had one client who conquered a life long condition of trichotillomania (hair pulling) who turned this around in next to no time with me. I have helped loads of smokers and sometimes think of the future life longevity I may have been able to provide them with. Some of the phobias people come to me with have been so debilitating and then, so easily solved... What a job to be able to offer this kind of treatment.

Being a victim of, recovering from and then seeing in others the symptoms of work related stress. We are being punished as a society with 24 / 7 expectations on us and it is great to see the mental health revolution starting to gain momentum. I wanted to be part of this movement and offer people support with all the manifestations of anxiety.

I am told by my current clients that I have a very soothing voice, ideal for hypnotherapy :) I genuinely care, am very invested in my clients but I also get results. I can back this up with statistics from my practice and the testimonials I get from satisfied customers. Financially I have a very competitive hourly rate. I am also invested in long lasting change. Hypnotherapy is so effective in the short term but, if done well, it can effect change that is long lasting and lifestyle changing.