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• Executive and Leadership Coaching
• Personal and Professional Development Coaching
• Career Development Coaching
• Team Coaching
• Performance Coaching
• Qualified Supervision of Coaches, Mentors and Consultants


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Individuals receiving coaching benefit from: • Setting better goals • More balanced life • Lower stress levels • Increased self-confidence • Improved focus, effectiveness • Higher levels of passion and commitment • Achievement of key objectives • More fulfillment and personal satisfaction Coaching improves an individual’s: • Performance effectiveness • Interpersonal, communication and creative skills • Leadership and teambuilding skills • Work/Life balance A Coach provides individuals with: • An objective and honest sounding board to work through issues and situations • An empowering and supportive collaboration helping maintain momentum, vision, direction whilst coping with change • On-going specific feedback for positive growth and development • Insights and self-knowledge to enhance performance, creativity and productivity • Practical wisdom to build on strengths and values whilst handling needs • Greater perspective which helps to alleviate pressure and stress Benefits to organisations include: • Positive company culture and morale • Enhanced staff retention and commitment • Successful transition of newly-promoted individuals and new recruits • Improved leadership, management and team working Coaching works because it: • Provides a framework for achievement, accountability and measured progress • Enhances perspective, focus and clarity • Provides guidance, challenge and consistent support to take action • Removes limitations and strengthens individuals • Focuses on priorities and reduces stress • Aligns goals and creates a sense of purpose, contribution and satisfaction • Focuses on the ‘whole’ of the individual Coaching is ideal for: • Fast-track development of high-potentials • Support in a new or challenging job role • Support during change and/or downsizing • Following up an appraisal to bridge gaps and develop new skills • Following up a training programme to ensure full integration of learning

Supervision provided for independent and internal coaches, mentors and consultants face-to-face or on Skype using an integrated approach within a culture of ‘fearless compassion’. You will be enabled to improve the quality of your practice; develop your professional capacity and gain emotional support. International, public and private sector experience in Leadership, Coaching and Development. I have worked as a Coach Supervisor since 2009 and as an Executive Coach since 2000. I trained in Coaching Supervision with the Bath Consultancy Group. Generous listening, powerful questioning, authentic speaking, quantum-leap thinking, transformational impact

• Designed and delivered top team development programme for board of a private sector company ‘Faster, Quicker and Better’ to increase customer focus with dedicated strategies. The objective was to transform a reactive organisation into a proactive enterprise increasing people’s power by enabling them to become increasingly externally-focused and to achieve more. • Designed and delivered team development programme for the London Project Trident Team which identified personality differences in the team which were impacting on team performance and enabled team members to use these differences more productively to increase effective communication, enhance collaborative working and improve performance • Designed and delivered Strategic Leadership Team Building Programme for Senior Team to develop strong working relationships within the team that would result in improved and sustainable organisational performance. This was be achieved by: 1. Acknowledging and learning from the successes achieved by the team 2. Exploring and harnessing the different skills, styles and competencies within the team 3. Agreeing ways of working together in the future to deliver the shared vision adopted by the Senior Leadership Team 4. Understanding how improved team performance will have the capacity to impact on improved organisational performance • Designed and delivered a leadership and team development programme for a dysfunctional team to enable more effective and co-operative working; development of shared values and strategic vision; drafting of a strategic action plan. The Hay Group Emotional Intelligence Competence Inventory and Myers Briggs Type Indicator were used in the process.