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Patricia's personal training & coaching is there to improve quality of life through exercising and life style coaching. Depending on what is required the variation of service being offered is:

- Personal fitness training
- Personal Pilates training ( 1-2-1 or workshops)


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Rakesh Dighe

4 July 2018

Patricia is great to work out with and is a good motivator with an excellent sense of humour ! She strikes the right balance between work and play

I have been training with her for a year now and thoroughly enjoy the sessions and the banter

She is down to earth and fun to be with. I have definitely benefited from her personal training and would be happy to recommend her value for money services !


Bart Kalisvaart

4 June 2018

Patricia is amazing! Her training programmes are challenging and perfectly catered to my needs and preferences. She helped me during my recovery after a bad injury, I would have never been able to finish an Ironman if it wasn't for her. Highly recommended!


Vincent Platjouw

1 April 2018

I have been training with Patricia for over a year and this has really helped me to improve my fitness level and to build muscle. She has also helped me to improve my diet and to make some smart changes to my life style in order to stay fit and achieve my goals. More...


Enikő Girus

15 March 2018

Patricia is a brilliant PT. I love our sessions. With her help I lost all the weight gained during pregnancy (40kg) and I'm feeling fitter and stronger than ever.


Carlos Dorta

14 March 2018

I had tried several personal trainers around Europe and Patricia really makes the difference. After some months working with her I can say that I'm a new person. Very professional and highly recommended. More...


Sonny Bains

11 March 2018

Patricia is exceptional. She offers first class professional training and nutrition programmes. Patricia was able to tailor a unique fitness regime for me that enabled me to lose weight and gain strength. Additionally I was given great advice on nutrition (no fads...just good sensible advise) which I have been able to maintain. Patricia has an in depth knowledge and experience and is able to make the sessions fun! More...

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I design a custom made program which fits the physique, goals and needs of the client. I'll keep constantly an eye on progress and encourage progress by changing the program, the exercise regime and make adjustments until the goal is achieved. I'm there supporting and motivating the client, keeping up good spirits!

The secret of getting the body of your dreams is finding the right balance in life through exercising, eating healthy and relaxation. Be consistent and realistic, the body of your dreams is a healthy one and fitting you well like a glove. (don't wish to have the body of someone else because it isn't yours)

What I love most of my job is to see people happy. It gives me pleasure and satisfaction to see someone progressing, being able to move supple without any aches and frustrations, to see people losing weight and being more energised, feeling happy with themselves, to make changes in life that lifts up the spirit.

I think I have been a coach actually through out a great deal of my life without specifically choosing this role as a profession (up 'til 8 years ago). I have always been supporting and motivating people in helping making choices in life, changes or decisions and inspired people through my own life style. Since over 30 years now I'm training myself, eating healthy and being mindful in life. I decided at a sudden point to share my experience especially because I saw so many people struggling with staying motivated to exercise and even more so to find the right balance in life. So I went through all kinds of courses and became qualified for the job which I love most.

Clients should choose me because I genuinely care, I want the best for the client. Beside the fact that I very much care about the client I'm well experienced and know very well how to make you move, to help you improve your physical (& mental) wellbeing.