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Kenwood Villa, Utah

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Kenwood Villa, Utah


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Emilee Dyer

29 March 2019

Pathways Real Life Recovery saved my life. It was a safe place for me to open up and get the help I needed. They offer a variety of methods to help learn to deal with emotions and issues that kept me from living a happy sober life. The staff truly cares about each client. I will forever be thankful to them. More...


Bryan Haslam

28 January 2019

Friendly staff, very knowledgeable, clean facility, highly recommended!


Shelby Skabelund

28 January 2019

Love the passion at this facility. From the moment you walk through the doors, you know the staff cares about their patients and that they run a great program. Way to go Pathways!


Anna Lloyd

28 January 2019

I have been at Pathways for almost 4 months now and I cannot even express my love for this program. This program is unlike any other program I have been through myself as well as heard of by others. I have complex trauma as well as some mental health issues, Michelle’s program has given me the tools I never even knew I needed. These tools led me to the amazing discovery of self love and self awareness. These tools are tangible and I was beyond excited when after just the first week of working hard, I felt myself swimming instead of drowning. I had been let go by multiple places when I sought out Pathways, I honestly didnt think that there was help for me. I now understand how important it is to have/find/discover that solid foundation of self worth. Knowing that no matter how long you process through trauma you will only keep drowning if there is no belief within, that you are absolutely worthy of being saved. The most beautiful part of this whole process is that I now know I am truly capable of saving myself. Pathways has literally saved my life. This program is absolutely beautiful.... More...


Adam Lloyd

29 December 2018

Over the last couple of years my wife has been through a fair share of programs, and treatment centers, and individual therapists. Pathways is the place where she found the tools, treatment, and people that have enabled her to find and walk the path of strength and stability. From the very first meeting, expectations were set by Michelle, and a custom treatment plan was crafted to meet my wife's needs. The past eight weeks of treatment have been some of the best weeks that we have experienced in the last three years. My wife has found a strength and worth that propels her through each day, driving her to be capable, confident and powerful. I am so grateful for what Pathways has done for my wife, they are teaching her how to be exactly who she is, a strong, secure, valuable, powerful woman. More...


Cyndi Cox

31 August 2018

I have no words to describe how great this program is. It changes your life. And the staff are the best people ever. I could never thank them enough for all their help


Sydney Tomison

28 May 2018

I would recommend anyone to pathways. This was my last change to save my life, and my marriage. The tools I gained, the feedback. All of the support you receive, and the staff is great. Groups were also a great tool for me. Thank you Michelle and your staff for all that you do. ❤️ More...


Ruby Tolutau

11 April 2018

People say they want to help you but they leave out the fact you have to have insurance. Not much we can help you with . Sad


Chad Larsen

2 December 2017

Pathways changed my life. Above all I learned to love myself. I learned life skills and coping skills to help me better deal with life. I am now free from anxiety and depression medication because I developed skills to look at things differently. I am a happier person. I love my life. If you are in a spot in your luge struggling with addictions or other problems. Pathways is exactly what it says. They put me on the pathway to real life recovery. More...


Shauna Orullian

22 October 2017

These people go above and beyond. They truly love people and each staff member seems really genuinely interested in helping you have the best life you can, living with confindence and joy.
Before they even knew if they were going to be paid they told me they were committed to helping me no matter what and I started my program.
Michelle is a unique woman with a huge heart!!
I can even text her on weekends if I'm in a scary place and she will respond with love, support and recomendations of what I should do to help myself with my anxiety or depression. They offer an actual medical doctor who truly wants to help and is kind and takes his time really getting to know you.
He also offers Genetic Testing to find out which medications you would benefit from and those you should never take. This is very forward thinking. Most doctors just guess with meds and you end up trying many before you find one that actually works!
My thereapist is always willing to be with me wherever I am when I go in and my recovery specialist challenges me to take steps forward even if I'm afraid to.
I can truthfully say as a professional person with a serious panic disorder myself, that the first priority of Pathways and their staff is the client first above all else. I respect their abilities and commitment to each other and the people they serve.
Thank you so much Pathways
Shauna Orullian


NIck Adams

31 August 2017

Amazing place with the best staff. It is an innovative program and really helps individuals. It is a place that really cares about the clients and goes above and beyond for them.


debbie nielson

7 January 2017

Well, I don't know how much my opinion counts, but I've worked in this industry for over 20 years and Pathways modality is by far the best I've ever encountered. So many programs want to say their "individually tailored", BUT THEY'RE NOT!!! Pathways really is and I love that!! We have great staff and a very high success rate and I'm grateful to be a part of such a fantastic program!! =D More...

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