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Welcome to Oxley Fitness. If you’re looking to beat your ParkRun personal best; finish your first triathlon or Tough Mudder; improve your 10k or marathon times - or if you're simply looking to improve your overall fitness and strength, I’ll make sure you hit your goals.

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12 August 2019

Matthew was professional and helped with a tailor quote. I would highly recommend Matthew for achieving their fitness goals!

Thanks so much Nish. Looking forward to working with you more!



16 July 2019

Matt responded to me within the day and had me booked in for a taster the next! I have now been working with Matt on my fitness goals for 6 months. I've been impressed with his humble and professional approach. I feel more confident in how I use my body and feel as well as look fitter by the week! More...


Mik Cowans

24 June 2019

I've been training with Matt for just over a month now and the results have been fantastic! I wanted to get a bit fitter and I can already feel a huge difference - I can also see big improvements in the mirror too! Matt has helped me make small tweaks to with a food diary which have been easy to implement and have me feeling much better overall. Matt's sessions are a blast too! Really challenging but loads of fun. His support and encouragement outside of sessions has been ace too. He's a really fantastic guy and I strongly recommend him if you're looking for a PT or want to make a big difference to your health and fitness. More...


Lora EC

18 June 2019

Matt is great. Positive, friendly, knows his stuff and Is totally non-judgemental. Love training with him.


Christopher Ward

18 June 2019

I have been trained by Oxley Fitness for a number of weeks now and can honestly say, that it really is money well spent. I am seeing improving results on a weekly basis and have really enjoyed the sessions. If you are looking for a personal trainer in Edinburgh, I would certainly say to get in touch with Matthew at Oxley Fitness first. More...


Robert MacNeil

17 June 2019

Personal Training that is truly tailored to you. Matt is a supportive, creative and motivational trainer - Highly Recommend! You’ll gain a good friend as well as an inspiring PT. More...


Sian Furniss

17 June 2019

Run club with Matt is great! Have learnt a lot about different running techniques, proper warm ups and cool downs and Matt is really supportive and encouraging.


Bree Jubb

17 June 2019

Matt is a really positive, knowledgable guy. Great at pushing you to the limit, but in a friendly way! Really enjoy training with him & would recommend


Sophie Miller

13 April 2019

I had a great time training with Matthew. Highly recommend!!

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Everyone is different, and that's the beauty of working as a personal trainer! Every client is a fresh start and requires a new and varied approach. I sit down with my clients and make sure every session and every plan is tailored to their specific fitness and nutritional goals.

There's no secret. It requires hard work, dedication and hopefully lots of fun along the way!

Working with such a broad range of people from all walks of life. No two clients have the same goals and aspirations, and that makes the job such a unique and privileged experience for me. Helping people achieve their goals is a wonderful thing, whether it's weight loss, performance-focused or just feeling more confident in their own skin.

My journey in sports and fitness has spanned many years and has crossed various genres. I was a county swimmer and have been heavily involved in a number of other sports, including rugby, squash, basketball and running. But most of all, I started Oxley Fitness because I know what it's like to be unhappy in your body and stuck in a rut. I wanted to help others learn about their bodies, fitness, nutrition and endurance, but most of all make the right choices for themselves.

My approach to training and nutrition will always follow a pragmatic, simple mindset. There are no shortcuts or one-size-fits-all ways of achieving our potential. That’s why I won’t be recommending any fad diets or jumping on the bandwagon of the latest fitness trends. I will tailor your exercise and nutrition programmes to fit you and your lifestyle, using evidence-based practices and research the whole way. Most importantly, I’ll do my best to make your fitness journey fun and achievable.