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We are a small team dedicated to creating exciting design work to enhance business & promote brands across all web, html email & graphics projects.

Our focus is in engaging design work, clever coding & interesting ways to lead your audience around the site or email to your call-to-action.


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Louella Moore

5 June 2016

Amazing skills. Amazing designer. Thank you!



Intuitive websites are an incredibly powerful sales, marketing and communications tool. They provide a platform for your brand, allowing effective promotion of your products and services to a virtually unlimited audience. All websites created by Orqa Design are compliant with the web standards, are search engine optimised and easy to update without technical knowhow or expensive software.

Orqa works very closely with clients to ensure the outcome of their design satisfies the customer and meets all of thier requirements. We translate the focus and target of the project from the client into a visual communicative piece that captures the target audience.

Our Emailers are designed to have maximum impact on the target audience. Utilising your brand, we can communicate the sales message paying close attention to layout, colour palette and a selection of interesting images - visually exciting design with marketing guidance and focus.