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Omarium offer a wealth of visual production elements involving both photography and filmmaking.
Creative Director Trevaughn Omari has used his years of study and experience in Film Production to create media for various outlets, now specialising in producing content for social media and commercial platforms.



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Take a step backwards, analyse the frame in it's entirety. Think about what your subject is, what's going on in the foreground as well as the background - then decide on the feeling you are aiming to convey to the viewer of the image. A picture speaks a thousand words, but there are still many left unsaid - you need to ensure that they are the words you would like your picture to say.

What is your vision for the project?
Do you have an estimate of your budget?
Are you interested in video as well as photography?

I love storytelling, and everybody has a story; whether it's the story of your business, the long standing relationship with a soulmate or a narrative told through music - being able to visually convey that story is what I love about filmmaking and content creation. I have always had a passion for capturing moments in time, and I believe the camera is the singular most important tool for this. Images capture emotion, location, a point in your past to look back on and see the process from which you have come in the present moment.