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Is your privacy being invaded by neighbours conversation, foot steps, television or loud music? Then you came to the right company for Peace and Quiet. NMN Soundproofing are professional installers of soundproofing in London, in both domestic environments and office space.

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Andre Clifford

29 May 2015

Excellent work soundproofing my flat, thank you very much for an excellent job well done :-)


Matthew Thompson

29 May 2014

Worked with them on a project in 2013. Probably the best of the companies that deal with soundproofing in london that I've come across, these guys were very professional in their installation work.


Kate Fraser

29 May 2014

Just had 3 of my properties fully soundproofed by NMN as they are all situated on busy roads and tenants often complain about the noise, particularly through the night. I am so pleased with the result of the work, all my tenants are delighted, claiming they can't hear a thing from the roads now. NMN worked quickly and professionally, giving me a good price for the 3 houses. I highly recommend NMN Soundproofing and also advice that soundproofing your home is a great investment. More...