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Megan & Sam, Personal Trainers & Fitness Coaches in Milton Keynes. Offering face-to-face training, online programming and sports massage. Making fitness your new favourite hobby.

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Zoe Mobberley

23 July 2018

I’m not a gym enthusiast whatsoever but I’ve really enjoyed using new age active and having my personal sessions. It’s so useful being shown how to work all the equipment as well as having someone push you and help you achieve your goals. Would really recommend �


Dominic Sheehy

28 May 2018

I have been training with New Age Active for around four months and the results have been fantastic! The training in enjoyable, fun and interesting and Sam and Megan are personable and work hard to tailor the sessions to my specific fitness goals. Whether you are a complete beginner or a regular in the gym, I couldn’t recommend New Age Active enough! More...


Rosie Jolly

28 May 2018

Brilliant personal trainers - would highly recommend.


Zoe Mobberley

3 January 2018

Would highly recommend! For me I was starting totally from scratch - never really been to the gym before so it was really useful having Megan show me how to use all the equipment and also give me a workout specific to my needs. In just 6 weeks of having one session/week I lost 7 pounds and could feel my stamina and strength increase significantly - definitely get in touch if you’re looking to get a PT :) More...

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We strongly believe that if you make a fitness journey fun then you're more likely to succeed. We devise plans and training that creates a light-hearted community where everyone is welcome. We always give that extra 10% to ensure people feel as comfortable as possible, giving them clear direction and goals to ensure they stay on track.

Dedication! And lots of it, but it's dedication that we distil into you, nothing is forced. Because if you truly want to achieve and you have that self confidence then you're more likely to make it a second nature and you'll keep achieving even after your training is over.

Meeting people, all walks of people! Having a community where we're able to help all sorts of personalities is the best feeling in the world!

Myself & Sam have been training together for years, we've discovered the similarities and the differences between female and male transformation and we've got a back bone of knowledge to now help others. It's a hard road, we know it's difficult to progress on your own and that's why we wanted to share what we know with others. Give the guidance to help them feel as comfortable in their own skin as possible.

We want people to choose us because they want to. We're not the types to try and sell to clients because that's what New Age Active is about. All we can do is communicate the value of what we have here, and if someone wants to be a part of our fitness family then we would welcome them 100%. having an active lifestyle and training will someone is all about relationships, we're not going to be fitness robots for you, we'd be your guide and your friend at the same time. I guess what's different about us is the fact that we're doing this because we care most of all (and we have crackin' personalities too!)



Face-to-face personal training in and around the Milton Keynes area. We can be mobile: workout in your garden, local parks etc. Or we can use our fitness studio which is not open to the public but only other PT's so it's fairly casual and comfortable. We'll help you the entire way throughout your journey and we'll ensure you get lasting results.

We offer Online Programmes for those who can't see us face-to-face or who would like to embark on their journey themselves. These would be tailored to your profile and to your goal and we'll offer support every step of the way.

Sam is qualified as a Sports Massage therapist but can also offer Relaxation Massages for those who want to reduce stress. This we do from our home office in a calm setting. Sports Massage is perfect for those who either train with us or train themselves as it can help avoid injury and further your progress.