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Preston,, Lancashire

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N&G Bookkeeping and Accountancy

Preston,, Lancashire



N&G Bookkeeping and Accountancy is a non-chartered accountancy firm. Our accountants are AAT Level 4 qualified and so if you just need your accounts and tax taken care of in a no nonsense and affordable way, we are the right choice for you.

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19 September 2016

Professional and affordable services. Would recommend!

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N&G Bookkeeping and Accountancy offers bookkeeping and accountancy services to small to medium sized businesses in Lancashire at competitively low rates.
We help sole traders, limited companies as well as employed and self-employed individuals.
We provide a variety of services including accounts preparation, year-end accounts, financial statements and other related services for all types of businesses.
We help our clients with Self-assessments. Corporation Tax Returns, VAT returns as well as dealing with other areas of tax such as capital gains tax and property income tax.
We offer discounts when clients take out more than one service with us and we try to be as flexible as possible by collecting the paperwork from our clients if this is more convenient for them.
Whether you require a one-off service or you wish to utilise our support on a regular basis, you will get the highest standard from our professional accountants.

Everyone knows that it is a legal requirement for businesses to complete their tax returns and VAT returns and failure to comply with these laws may result in large fines depending on the circumstances. Businesses are also required to keep their records in good order for 5 years following the tax year to which they relate. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in a £3,000 fine from HMRC per year that the business has failed to keep paperwork.
It is important for businesses to have a good accountant to make sure that all the rules are being followed and no mistakes are being made. Accountants will also be able to maximise the tax reliefs and keep as much of the business' revenue in the business.
A good bookkeeper will not only be able to take care of all your record keeping to the correct specifications, but also potentially free up a massive amount of your time to focus on growing your business.

We love organising paperwork into neat and tidy files. We love number crunching and solving mathematical problems. We love being able to tell our clients that we have saved them money in their taxes. We love meeting new clients and hearing about all the different types of businesses out there. We like to see how passionate our clients are about their work and we love to see how much they hate the accountancy side of things. We love to watch businesses grow through the years and we love to see success.

We feel that when we are working on our own business it's personal. We care much more about our client satisfaction. We want our business to be a success and we want a good reputation to be built up behind our business' name.

We are no-nonsense and to the point. We know what we need to do and we want to do it. We are affordable and offer competitively low rates for an excellent quality service. We take the time to get to know the business because each business is different and we offer bespoke packages to suit each individual client.
We try to be as flexible as possible and will collect all your paperwork from you if you choose and we will come to a location to suit you for your consultations should you not be able to come to our offices.



We will collect all your paperwork from you weekly, two weekly or monthly depending on your requirements. Or you can choose to drop it off at our office. We will organise all your paperwork and records to the required specifications by HMRC ready for storing for 5 years follwing the tax year to which the paperwork relates.

We will complete your self assessment for you and make sure that you have met all the deadlines set by HMRC to avoid recieving any fines or penalties. We will also ensure that all possible tax relief avenues available to you have been utelised to save you as much money as is legally possible.

We will commplete your Corporaton tax returns and the financial statements required to be submitted. We will make sure that all the requirements for limited companies tax return submissions have been met and that all possible tax reliefs have been utilised to ensure that you save as much money as legaly possible.

VAT Returns are to be completed quarterly. This means that there is a considerable amount of work required when trying to keep on top of it on your own as well as run your business. We will make sure that all your VAT Returns are done on time and save you worrying about it.

Our payroll services will mean that your staff receive Payslips weekly, fortnightly or monthly. It also means you are on top of your Employer's NI contributions and your Employment Pention requirements are met.

We also offer help with Cpital Gains tax, Property Income Tax and Inheratance Tax.