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​myHRhelp is a bilingual human resources consulting company that prides itself in helping startups, and small and mid-sized businesses develop and maintain HR solutions that fit their needs, budget, and corporate culture while remaining compliant with ever-changing employment and HR laws.



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Being able to assist companies to become compliant in every area of their human resources function is what I enjoy most about my job. For example, when a company contacts myHRhelp for assistance because their compensation and benefits programs are not up-to-date; and we are able to come up with a fair and equitable program that ensures that, not only the organization is compensating their employees fairly , but they are now able to recruit and retain talent is our greatest reward.

While working in corporate America, I noticed that there was a need for more client-centric type human resources consulting companies. Most companies I had worked with would promise that I would have one contact throughout the entire project. However, as soon as the contract was signed, I found myself talking to different people every time I called, thus having to explain and repeat my issues over and over. Sometimes, the representative lacked the skills i was promised (s)he would have. At other times, after spending weeks working with a certain representative, this person was no longer there, so I had to explain my situation all over again.

Every company has a unique need and therefore deserves unique attention. I created myHRhelp with the idea of providing human resources services that offer the expertise and client-centric focus each organization should receive.

Cost Savings - No matter the size or your organization, we have plans that can fit your budget.
Experience - Each HR consultant has at least twenty years of diversified human resources experience, allowing us to use our varied skills to assist and help with the ever changing needs of your organization.
Personalized Service - We are a very client-centric focused organization. We believe that you should be able to talk to, and work with the same HR professional for the duration of the project.