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june wulff

7 July 2018

I have been studying with the gifted and talented Sarah Slifer Swift for almost a year. Gloucester is now a destination for so much more than beaches and dining - it's where every trained and aspiring dancer should go to learn about dance and to enjoy this gorgeous studio.


kgx29 .

7 June 2018

Just opened fall 2017. imo, this is on the verge of becoming the most exciting dance studio north of Boston/Cambridge. The atmosphere/space is incredible. There are many different classes for dance and movement to explore here. Don’t miss out! More...


kathie fieldman

7 June 2018

Yes! Had a wonderful experience with an incredible teacher in a beautiful space. Sara Swift is a gifted artist .I haven't danced since I was in high school but it truly didn't matter. It was a graceful work out...

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