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I am an experienced personal trainer and nutritionist looking help more people achieve their fitness and nutrition goals.

I work from a few Oxfordshire gyms as well as go to client’s homes to offer 1:1 and 2:1 personal training sessions.



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I work with people on an individual basis and try to understand first their limitations and then work with them to acheive realistic goals taking into account these possible limitations. I am honest with people and tailor their expectations - you cant expect to lose half a stone in two weeks. The way I program and work with clients on nutrition is based upon science and not fads.

Being relaistic as to what you want and really mean by the body of your dreams. Working out why you want it and then setting realistic measures to help you acheive it. You have to commit to this programming - I cant do it for you, if you dont commit then it wont work.

Seeing people change in ways that they didnt expect (i.e.) people gaining confidence or learning to fall in love with exercise again. Seeing people achiehve things that they didnt think possible makes my job very rewarding.

My knowledge of nutrition and exercise seems well placed to help people acheive their goals and the freedom of being self-employed suits my lifesyle. I love my own training and realised that I could offer someone realistic and down to earth to help people acheive their health and fitness goals.

I wont sell you the latest fad diet or training program, what is do is honest and comes backed by science and a detailed understanding of nutrition and health. My clients like the fact that I am down to earth, not a scary personal trainer - I dont bark instructions, but gently encourage and motivate you. My sessions are designed to challenge you and get you to achieve things but in a safe and supportive environment.


1:1 and 2:1 Personal training in your home (if space allows) or from one of the three gyms I work from in Oxford (Marston, Botley or Summertown). Sessions are usually an hour, some sessions can be arranged for 30 minutes on request if this works better for you. The session content changes each week but will be based around achieving your short-term and long term goals, which will have been pre-set together. Any injuries or medical conditions can be taken into account and usually can be worked around if you are able to train. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels from 18 years.

I am a nutritionist and personal trainer. I graduated in 2006, from Oxford Brookes University with a 1st class honours in Food Science and Nutrition. I have always had a passion for nutrition, but initial more as a chef, working in a small restaurant for 4 years. I graduated and worked for 6 years in the research field, specialising in Glycaemic Index, Insulinemic Index and Weight Loss studies. My experiences in research enables me to provide my clients with up-to-date and reliable scientific advice. I work with nutrition clients on a one to one basis looking at not only what they are eating now, but past patterns and trends and trying to get to the bottom of why eating habits have come about. For some this may seem obvious or even pointless – you just like food to much or have big portions, right? But for many their relationships with food is far more complex and to some extent dynamic. For example – how many of your parents told you to always clear your plate? What does this message say to you now, can you leave food on your plate as an adult or is this something that in fact you are passing on to your children? If we can understand some of these patterns then we can look to find solutions and help new habits form. I believe that nutrition advice should be completed on a one to one basis – not one size fits all. For example; you may have a faster metabolism that your friend or they may need a higher percentage of carbohydrates that you due to their job or lifestyle. Whilst big corporations or slimming groups are seen to ‘work’ in the short term – how many of these success stories years or even months later are still seeing the results? Many people develop yo-yo dieting as a way to lose weight, but then put it back on. They then look toward the next diet phase and the cycle continues. The main failings of such slimming groups are that the approach is not personalised, the plans are too general, and there is little follow up or accountability. My approach is the opposite of these as it is personalised, we look at the why (eating habits) and you have accountability when submitting your food diaries on a weekly basis. So - this is a one to one service which looks at your current eating habits (through you submitting a 7-day food diary to me). This enables me to see where you are currently in terms of a holistic nutritional overview – so looking at macro-nutrient intake, micro-nutrient intake, timings of food, habitual eating, drinking and general habits. From here we can discuss what it is you would like to achieve and go about writing a schedule with meal ideas and other useful tools to help you get to where you want to be. I take into account things such as cooking skills, time available to cook, budget and other family food preferences and needs. At the end of the consultation you will have a full analysed food diary (more detailed and applied than programs such as My FitnessPal), suggested meal plans, meal and snack ideas and any other tools that will help you. From here you can go on to have an on-going monthly or weekly follow up, further meal plans and bespoke programming.

This is a non-intimating class doing what the name suggests - providing a total body workout each time we meet. The class is open to all levels of fitness and anyone over 16 years of age. Each session is different so you don’t get bored and your body continues to adapt and change. The sessions may include the use of kettlebells, resistance bands, body weight exercises or barbells. Time - 6:30am Fridays Location - Cheney Community Hall Price - £7 per session or £60 for 10 sessions paid upfront (valid for 1 year) Booking essential (so I can plan how much kit to bring - please email me to book your place. Do not hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions. Hope to see you at a session soon!