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My Name is Mike Sanderson I have been a keen photographer all my life. I will take pictures of anything ! Available for photo shoots, parties, portraits, family events, gigs, sports events, portfolio work ,modelling etc. In fact just contact me and let me know what your needs are and we can discuss your requirements.


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Semi Professional Photographer , All types of photography undertaken

If you are unable to find or attend self defence classes in your area or don’t feel confident enough to go on your own.​ WHY NOT TRY PERSONAL PRIVATE TUITION​ Learn self defence skills in the comfort of your own home, through our unique way of teaching people how to stay safe on the street, at work or in their own home. Learn vital awareness skills to help you spot possible dangerous situations before they start therefore avoiding physical confrontation and learn the physical techniques to defend yourself and your family if there is no other alternative escape.​ Also through this type of training you increase your level of physical fitness and confidence in you everyday life.​ Why not try our family group sessions so all the family benefit from learning these vital skills to help them in this increasingly violent society.​ If you feel your children need to learn self protection skills and are not able to take them to a class due to distance or work commitments then home personal tuition is the answer!​ All these sessions can be tailored to suit the client’s needs and take into account age, physical ability, levels of fitness etc.​ For the total safety of the client the training sessions will be chaperoned by the client inviting a family member or friend to the sessions with the added benefit of the chaperon being able to join in if they wish!​ The instructor, Mike Sanderson is fully CRB checked and has been teaching for over 38 years in the area and is well known as one of the best instructors in the self protection field.

Photographer (Intermediate) Personal Self defence Trainer (Expert) Tutor/Assessor First Aid Tutor Conflict Resolution (Intermediate) Physical intervention (Expert) PTTLS Forklift (Expert) Computer Programs Microsoft Excel (Intermediate) Physical Restraint (Expert) Investigation (Intermediate) Fork Lift,Computer Input (Expert)

working with challenging behaviour