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Being a LifeStyle Coach, my great passion is bringing women together, connecting them across nations and supporting on their journey so they can live the life they truly love!

I want women to find their natural flow, fulfilment, internal happiness and harmony in all areas of their life!

Lucia Hoxha Reviews

Lucia Hoxha Reviews

Review of Lucia Hoxha by Aniko
5 25/09/2018 Aniko

I "bumped into" Lucia in October last year , she came exactly at the time I needed her help and support.
To me she was the most beautiful Godsent gift.
We had an instant connection spiritually and emotionally.
Even though I had to get up 6am on Monday mornings for our skype calls, I used to wake up with excitement and with love in my heart for our sessions.
During those 8 weeks she guided me through a difficult phase of my life, and keeping me accountable she made sure that I follow through with my actions.
She showed me what I am worth and her words still echo today.
Lucia is a woman of strength, unconditional love and an amazing life coach.
I would highly recommend her to anyone who would like to be gently guided towards their life purpose and to be connected to their core, to their feminine power.
Thank you Lucia. I am forever grateful 💜

Review of Lucia Hoxha by Veronika
5 16/02/2018 Veronika

Thank you, Lucia Hoxha, for your amazing support over the past 8 weeks during our coaching programme. Looking back I realise how harsh i used to be on myself, what my self sabotage (actually not 'mine' at all) was all about and most importantly, to be able to reflect back and more forward with more ease and inspiration and to be ok with ups and downs without feeling the pressure (also not mine but perceived!) of being 'perfect' in every way. Our 8 week programme has encouraged me to dive deeper and continue 'the work' on myself. I feel more aligned, more confident and simply more myself. Lucia is very caring, supportive and she made me feel very safe and comfortable. Thank you!

Review of Lucia Hoxha by Kat
5 10/02/2018 Kat

I have just started my second set of coaching sessions with Lucia and my life has truly transformed since. The way she accepts her clients, brings out their authentic passions, gently challenges their thoughts and supports them in pursuing their core life missions has been a true inspiration to me and I wouldnt be a coach today without her encouragement and loving advice. She is one of the strongest women I've ever met and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to embrace themselves and look beyond their life limitations. Luci, THANK YOU 💛

Review of Lucia Hoxha by Flor
5 02/02/2018 Flor

LucĂ­a has been like an angel accompanying me through my fertility treatment. It has helped me gain so much tranquility and acceptance. Noone should go through this journey alone, and I truly recommend Lucia. Thanks dear!

Review of Lucia Hoxha by Cristina
5 01/02/2018 Cristina

After completing Lucia’s coaching programme last autumn, I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation.

The results we have achieved together at the time have had a lasting, reverberate effect into many areas of my life. I gained clarity over where I am headed and what’s of value to myself, I’ve started taking steps towards aligning my career with my passion and I met incredible people along the way. It’s only just the beginning of the journey but the genuine happiness I’ve learned to uncover in everyday life has been one of the biggest eye openers. And I’m very grateful to Lucia for the continuous support and guidance that helped me achieve those things.

Everything is possible to the believer.

Review of Lucia Hoxha by Ciara Coffey
5 30/01/2018 Ciara Coffey

Lucia has helped me more than I could have imagined! I thought I was happy- ish... but I had so many barriers and personal blockages that I wasn't aware of. Lucia has helped me overcome these challenges and start to love myself and put my needs and happiness first. I had so much more gratitude and courage since I started my journey with Lucia and the magic just keeps happening. Im more patient with others, but also stand up for myself and what I believe and want in life, work and my relationships. I'm excited about my future now instead of being scared or anxious. So much has happened since we have worked together, and I'm eternily grateful to have met Lucia and invested in myself. My life keeps getting better and Lucia is to thank for that xxx

Review of Lucia Hoxha by Maria
5 30/01/2018 Maria

I was able to connect to Lucia super well- she understands and can put herself into every situation and how I feel. And I have only met her through Skype! Throughout our sessions she taught me how to be more life conscious and was able to guide me to a happier life. Clearly the right decision to work with her :)

Review of Lucia Hoxha by Jarmila Kubinova
5 29/01/2018 Jarmila Kubinova

l would like to say to anyone who is considering Lucia as a life coach to go for it!
Lucia always knew the right questions to ask me that helped me to understand where my blocks and struggles in life were coming from. She explained to me how important is to have a real connection with my parents and how healing a relationship with my mother will not only heal me but also my mother and eventually my daughters too. With her coaching I began to get a vision for what I want my life to be like and she made me to believe that I can do it! Lucia is a kind, compassionate and inspirational woman with a wealth of life experiences and wisdom. I know that the work I have done with Lucia will have a lasting impact for the rest of my life. And for that I am very thankful to her.

Lucia Hoxha

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Lucia Hoxha Q&A

Lucia Hoxha Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

I get to do what I love, celebrate success of my clients and follow my purpose in life.

What inspired you to start your own business?

It all started and then happened organically 15 years ago. I presume it was my life story, unconditional love and great stand I have for people all over the world to re-connect with who they truly are. Desire to leave something behind, something lasting and valuable. To fill my life with the meaning, to serve others with what I was born to do.

Why should our clients choose you?

For extraordinary results my clients achieve through my coaching programme.
Here is some of the results my clients get:
*Self-confidence raised to a brand new level
*Connecting with your true purpose and getting into your own natural flow, so you can experience life and achieve things with much more ease
*Tools how to conquer your fears and let go of your doubts so they are no longer limiting you in life
*Clarity in your actions and about your passion - how to utilise it in expanding your business
*Distinguishing your 'Why', and importance of awareness of your strength & weakness
*Making powerful choices coming from empowered space within
*Organisation of your time to produce results effectively by utilising all your skills
*Profound intimacy, sense of unconditional love and connection in your relationships (including the one with yourself)
*Getting through the barriers and breaking through the areas where you would usually get stopped in life

Services provided by Lucia Hoxha

Lucia Hoxha Services

Coaching Programme

12 week online coaching programme that includes one hour 1:2:1 personal time with me each week at times mutually suitable for both of us. Here are kind of results my clients get: *Self-confidence raised to a brand new level *Connecting with your true purpose and getting into your own natural flow, so you can experience life and achieve things with much more ease *Tools how to conquer your fears and let go of your doubts so they are no longer limiting you in life *Clarity in your actions and about your passion - how to utilise it in expanding your business *Distinguishing your 'Why', and importance of awareness of your strength & weakness *Making powerful choices coming from empowered space within *Organisation of your time to produce results effectively by utilising all your skills *Profound intimacy, sense of unconditional love and connection in your relationships (including the one with yourself) *Getting through the barriers and breaking through the areas where you would usually get stopped in life Shifting the frequency on which you operate will also assist you to attract new exciting people and opportunities in your life. I see that raising your energy and my 7 pillar structured programme combining three powerful elements (mind, body & spirit) will give you an access to eliminate all that is standing in between you and the universe.

AromaYoga Workshop

Sensual multi-sensory experience of yoga combined with meditation and healing plant essences designed to enhance your experience of life. Beginners warmly welcomed ;-) To book, please e-mail me on

Online Yoga for Women

Transformational 7 week yoga & meditation programme designed to bring you harmony & balance


Yoga for Africa

Charity fundraiser during Olympic Games in London (2012) Raising money for orphans in Uganda - collaboration with Nehru Centre - Cultural wing of the High Commission of India

International Yoga Day

Teaching at the event in Alexandra Palace for 5000+ audience in 2017

Media Coverage

LifeStyle Coaching

Lucia Hoxha has qualified as Professional Life Coach in 2007 with Coaching Academy (international coaching body), has a NLP Master Practitioner Degree with Richard Bandler and worked as a freelance coach for the past decade.  She gained experience as a well-being advisor for KPMG and for 7 years coached on leadership and self-development programmes with Landmark Worldwide, leading the team for transformation of Slovakia, Czech Republic and Central Europe.  Lucia was chosen to be the first ambassador for Global Institute of Extraordinary Women.  

Transformational Coaching & Yoga Retreats

Organisation and delivery of regular transformational yoga combined with coaching retreats in beautiful scenery of the Slovak Mountains offering a perfect balance of mindfulness, relaxation and nourishment. We are approaching groups as well as every individual on holistic level, providing the space where they can let go of the blockages and all that is no longer serving them in life to provide the space for new possibilities, designing the life their truly love. Yoga, Meditation and Breathing Exercises (Pranayama) The most popular holistic approach enabling people to experience and maintain balanced life-style with multiple benefits on the level of mind, body and spirit Effective way to deal with stress and everyday challenges Cultivates loving relationship with ourselves and others Overall improvement of the body functions and general vitality Rejuvenating energy levels Improving flexibility and strength Improving the feeling of internal strength and self-confidence  Enabling natural self-healing processes of the body to take a place Supporting people suffering from anxiety and sleeping disorders  Discover a spiritual path and access a greater, more fulfilling life Group Workshops Specifically designed personal development tools, exercises and games facilitated by Lucia Creating the safe, nurturing space of connection where transformation can take place Enabling participants to pause and take time to evaluate all areas of their life Discovering 'blind spots' (things that you don't know what you don't know). Awareness of these areas opens up brand new opportunities for people and their life  Individual Coaching The purpose is to move people forward in areas of life which are not working well or not as well as we would like them to. Using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques combined with intuitive coaching, specifically designed exercises and tools, clients can discover great new possibilities for their lives.

Opening and ongoing collaboration with the largest Hollistic Hotel in central Europe


Group walks in the nature combined with yoga allowing people to connect with nature and re-connect with their true selves (over 1500 members)


Specifically designed workshops combining individual asanas and movements with beneficial properties of essential oils. Lucia believes yoga is the most, gentle loving thing you can do for yourself and others. Lucia is a yoga teacher filled with genuine care and unconditional love towards humanity. Her commitment is to share the light and make the precious gift of yoga available to everyone! Her dream is to make lasting difference in people’s lives, and it is through her teaching, Lucia believes she can contribute towards making this world a more loving place for us all. Lucia allows her students to discover the delight of the open space within their body, the strength from within that helps them to deal with challenges in life and the stillness that provides us with peace of mind. Teaching us all how to fall in love with ourselves deeply through acceptance of who we are and who we are not, bringing a compassion, curiosity, playfulness, fun and ease into our being, she believes yoga will help us fulfill our purpose to be. Her student’s frequently say that the regular practice of yoga gives them more than just a great feeling, stunning body, good posture, vitality and self-confidence. Yoga gives them brand new way to experience life as something truly magical. One of the benefits many feedback is that yoga improves their relationships with themselves and others, which causes a positive shift of the way they relate to the world.

Making Yoga available for Hackney Council (cca 5000 employees) in April 2016

Yoga Classes

Lucia’s classes are empowering, helping her students to deal with daily challenges with playfulness and ease, leaving them feeling vibrant and fully connected to the beautiful self that they are. Lucia trained Ashtanga and Hatha yoga and her classes are led in the beautiful flow where students experience being physically empowered as well as wonderfully relaxed and peaceful. Lucia’s classes voted as 5 best meditation experiences in London in 2017 Summer 2017 - launch of the ‘Yoga for Women’ holistic online programme ( Summer 2016 - Successful launch of Interactive Online TV Channel – Lucia’s commitment is to make yoga available to everyone bringing the nations together with yoga classes themed on areas of acceptance, forgiveness, connection and unconditional love combined with traditional approach to yoga. Teaching private 1:2:1 yoga classes combined with transformational lifestyle coaching *Virgin Active, Broadgate and Liverpool Street - Hatha Yoga - Align; *Fitness First, Highbury - Ashtanga/Hatha & Vinyasa Flow *Nuffield Health, Shoreditch - Power Vinyasa Flow *Tribeca Studios, Ealing - Guided Meditation, Pregnancy Yoga and Yoga for Beginners 2012 - 2014 Shoreditch pilates and yoga centre Lucia’s ‘Candle Light Yoga Class’ has been voted by ‘Time Out Magazine’ as one of 10 best yoga classes in London in 2014 Lead yoga classes for all skill levels from beginners to advanced Teach students with the emphasis on the correct alignment to ensure maximum benefit and safety Guided meditation at the beginning and the end of each class to help students to centre themselves and get the most of each session. Including ‘Om’ to unite people, create the wonderful space of community and sense of togetherness. Provide students with appropriate adjustments, treating them with very popular eucalyptus head massage at the end of each class Pay attention to the needs of every student throughout each class Working in collaboration with the studio to promote the classes, developed promotions to increase participation and analysed results to make changes for the future marketing initiatives Providing cover for various yoga classes in London for Virgin Active, Evolve Centre in South Kensington (Yoga for Addiction and Recovery), corporate and private yoga classes

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