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Charlotte Kolowska

23 May 2016

Fast turn around & very easy to work with.

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A clear and timeless approach is key to designing great websites. Focusing on brand consistency and allowing the user to identify with the mission statement of the company/brand.

What are the most important things you wish to communicate?

Even in our modern age the creative process still starts with a pencil - hence the logo!

What is the deadline for your project? Do you have any special requests or specific areas to prioritise? Would you like to book a web consultation to discuss your project further?

Seeing a project through from concept to application, with originality and accuracy.

The independence to choose the projects and people to invest in.

Only the best and highest amount of energy is given to each project.


We apply an impervious photo-sensitive emulsion onto a stretched mesh, then take a positive of your artwork and use a high-wattage light source to burn the artwork onto the screen. The dark areas on the positive keep the light from passing through, leaving those areas of the emulsion soft, which is perfect for washing away and thus giving us our stencil. Ink is then loaded onto the underside of the screen and forced through the open areas, transferring it to the printable surface by means of a capillary action during the squeegee stroke. This service is perfect for bespoke art prints, garment printing and runs in complete harmony with our illustration service.

We use the silkscreen method of print making to produce our garments. We believe that this process realises the highest quality and most versatility when printing on darker colours. It gives an extensively longer print lifespan than say, vinyl transfers and allows for a softer, more natural touch. It also achieves much higher vibrancy than direct to garment printing. All printed garments are heat cured, allowing the ink to weave and bond with the fibres in the fabric, not just sit on top.