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Lou Barnell Reviews

Review of Lou Barnell  by S ABS
5 18/05/2018 S ABS

Lots of activities for babies and young children. Great access for wheelchair users as well.

Review of Lou Barnell  by William Bennett
5 22/04/2018 William Bennett

Great community venue with varied facilities, including a cinema, theatre and restaurant. If you like Indian food, check it out - very good.

Review of Lou Barnell  by greg bastille
5 19/04/2018 greg bastille

Great place to relax good rates for cinema as well as a great Indian. Child friendly and there are loads of holiday activities for them.

Review of Lou Barnell  by Merle Frew
1 06/04/2018 Merle Frew

Situated on the Thames in Brentford. Close to public transport. Has a small cinema and restaurant. Reasonably priced. Very informal but with a wiff of the community centre/Council run entertainment centre. Not bad but not quite right.

Review of Lou Barnell  by Richard Zzizinga
5 03/04/2018 Richard Zzizinga

A lovely maintained local arts centre with one cinema screen. The film's are current and there are other cultural events occurring on a regular basis. There is lots of on site parking which is free for the first hour. Although it is in need of modernisation, as a local charity it serves the community quite well.

Review of Lou Barnell  by Laurie Anders
5 26/03/2018 Laurie Anders

Best local place for new movies pity it's moving to a place with no parking

Review of Lou Barnell  by Paul Paul
5 12/03/2018 Paul Paul

Great cinema and lovely staff. Interesting exhibitions and plays. Highly recommended

Review of Lou Barnell  by Elizabeth Thaddeus
5 05/03/2018 Elizabeth Thaddeus

A great arts centre - wish I could visit more often. Would be great if we could have such a venue in Ealing!

Review of Lou Barnell  by Stephen Brooke Smith
5 20/02/2018 Stephen Brooke Smith

Everything under one roof. Cinema, Indian Restaurant, Bar/Cafe and unique views of the Thames.

Review of Lou Barnell  by Yannis Gkoumas
4 07/02/2018 Yannis Gkoumas

Interesting place. There is a nice Indian restaurant.

Review of Lou Barnell  by Kamonporn Kroklom
5 28/01/2018 Kamonporn Kroklom

It's very good for family especially for the children they are having fun here!

Review of Lou Barnell  by Manuel Barradas
5 27/01/2018 Manuel Barradas

Lovely setting and fantastic food at the Guru. Sample the goan dishes before enjoying the small cinema with well behaved audience. There is always enjoyable photos on display and comedy events too.

Review of Lou Barnell  by Francesca Obretti
5 17/01/2018 Francesca Obretti

Piccolo cinema di quartiere. Il biglietto è a prezzo ridotto (£ 10, addirittura c'è la promozione a £6 il lunedì). La sala è più piccola del normale così come lo schermo, l'audio è molto buono. A noi ha fatto un'ottima impressione e ci tornenremo, anche perchè il personale è molto gentile. Si possono fare i biglietti on-line e ritirarli direttamente lì. C'è un bar e anche un ristorante indiano ma non l'abbiamo ancora provati.

Review of Lou Barnell  by Chris Lombard
4 04/01/2018 Chris Lombard

I frequent the cinema due to the wonderful variety of films shown, the comfort of the seats and since it serves as excellent back-up by showing films long after the regular cinema chains have stopped showing them. I also have nothing but happy memories of the brilliantly buoyant shows I used to watch here when I was younger. However, there's no denying that it's in need of a refurbishment.

Review of Lou Barnell  by Maggie Coleman
4 16/12/2017 Maggie Coleman

Good range of films shown. Nice curry available on site.

Review of Lou Barnell  by Jon Eckert
5 30/11/2017 Jon Eckert

If you find a visit to a multi-plex dire then this place is different. The coffee and Indian food is highly recommended.

Review of Lou Barnell  by Steve Brooke Smith
5 18/10/2017 Steve Brooke Smith

Great affordable cinema, lovely Indian food a very pleasant cafe/ bar and unique views of the Thames. They have their own car park and a bus stop outside.
There is really no excuse not to visit.

Review of Lou Barnell  by samantha mcavoy
4 02/09/2017 samantha mcavoy

Waterman is great for watching movies. Very relaxing. Shame about indain restantant. Food is lovely they don't give you one minute between meals. Didn't even get to hardly eat before the next course arrived. But the time we got to main meal it was cold. Had to take it home.

Review of Lou Barnell  by Perrine B
5 24/08/2017 Perrine B

Great small cinema with a restaurant. Theme nights, special events. Slightly better price than most other places.

Review of Lou Barnell  by Rajeev Lewis
5 25/07/2017 Rajeev Lewis

Excellent for families. The food at Gurus is excellent

Review of Lou Barnell  by Tiny Tara
4 18/07/2017 Tiny Tara

Really liked this venue. Has a view of the Thames and there are a variety of activities to enjoy

Review of Lou Barnell  by Andrew Neatby-Smith
4 11/07/2017 Andrew Neatby-Smith

Everything under one roof, comfortable seating in the cinema, good Goan cuisine.. and conveniently next to the bus stop in either direction. Also become a Friend if you want discounts and good value for money.

Review of Lou Barnell  by William Bayly
5 05/07/2017 William Bayly

Great place for different and interesting movies, also great food at the restaurant.

Review of Lou Barnell  by Campbell White
4 14/06/2017 Campbell White

Small cinema with good sightlines and sound. Good selection of non mainstream and mainstream movies to pick from. One screen but usually 3 different movies playing. Small bar by the cinema with plenty of space and views over the river Thames.

Review of Lou Barnell  by Danny Martin
5 28/05/2017 Danny Martin

Great venue for cheap films, friendly staff too! Will be a shame to see it move, but at least we're not losing it completely!

Review of Lou Barnell  by Anoop Chaturvedi
4 17/04/2017 Anoop Chaturvedi

Good place for watching new movies on discounted rates.

Review of Lou Barnell  by Caleb Morrison
5 15/03/2017 Caleb Morrison

Lovely theatre/cinema. Inexpensive.

Review of Lou Barnell  by Si Bell
4 10/03/2017 Si Bell

A great venue with lovely front of house helpful staff/ volunteers every time I go.

Review of Lou Barnell  by tony Wat
5 19/02/2017 tony Wat

Interesting events and a good restaurant. What more do you want? Maybe a cinema that has mother and baby screenings. The building is a bit scruffy but don't let that put you off..... Awesome stuff happens there.

Review of Lou Barnell  by Nimish Kapoor
5 12/02/2017 Nimish Kapoor

Value for money cinema, theatre, food

Review of Lou Barnell  by Jon Weaver
4 19/01/2017 Jon Weaver

As a relatively new 'local', have you ever done letter box drops to promote events? I always forget Watermans is there until I pass by it and since there is no real outside promotion boards either, it's easy to forget it's there. I think it has such great potential to grow what you have there. (Of course Hounslow Council may have other ideas)!!??

Review of Lou Barnell  by Michael Karim Rizq
3 09/12/2016 Michael Karim Rizq

This niche, friendly cinema is always a pleasure to visit, but starting to feel a little tired. There's an Indian restaurant inside, and it's great to be in a small auditorium, but actually I find that the seating is insufficiently banked, meaning that you don't always get the best view.

Review of Lou Barnell  by Stuart Cooke
4 29/11/2016 Stuart Cooke

There's plenty happening at the centre. The cinema is small and cosy and the £5 Monday's is a great deal for watching the latest movies.

Review of Lou Barnell  by Rebecca Barnett
5 18/11/2016 Rebecca Barnett

Fantastic independent cinema, great staff, nice Indian food, fantastic river views

Review of Lou Barnell  by Anita Zien
5 06/11/2016 Anita Zien

Waters art centre great place to hold and show or a course to so with the arts.also great place to display art too

Review of Lou Barnell  by Kathryn May
4 05/10/2016 Kathryn May

Great space and showing off independent movies

Review of Lou Barnell  by Stephen De Gabrielle
5 09/09/2016 Stephen De Gabrielle

Awesome arts centre cinema and theatre

Review of Lou Barnell  by Boreal
1 01/09/2016 Boreal

Place looks like the set of the BBC comedy series Red Dwarf - only cheaper. The idea of the place is noble but what it has become (with the Indian Restaurant) sums up why Brentford is a lost part of London.

Review of Lou Barnell  by Martin Richards
5 10/07/2016 Martin Richards

A fantastic mixture of Art Cinema, free exhibition centre, great bar and restaurant, and amazing views along the river

Review of Lou Barnell  by Alfonzo Altamar Pereira
5 30/04/2016 Alfonzo Altamar Pereira

Free parking for the 1st hour, friendly staff average and good prices in all the events hosted here

Review of Lou Barnell  by Jane Grayshon
5 26/01/2016 Jane Grayshon

Our favourite cinema by FAR! It's small enough for it to generate its own atmosphere that's almost a community - so it's like a family without the fighting! Jokes are enjoyed together; there's even tacit "permission" to weep without hiding hankies (at particularly poignant moments).
Staff are invariably very helpful.
We value the unique way in which people behave sociably. helping one another eg with removing coats. No talking over the performances; no stench of popcorn (though we noticed with apprehension that popcorn is now for sale. Help!).
Bravo, Waterman's Art Centre!

Review of Lou Barnell  by Erik Houlihan-Jong
4 12/01/2016 Erik Houlihan-Jong

Doesn't seem to get the respect this place deserves. Cool small venue.

Review of Lou Barnell  by c berry
4 28/11/2014 c berry

My children went to a 5th birthday party there recently and had a fantastic time. While they were all watching a show (which they loved by the way!), I had a very civilised coffee and cake with some of the other mums, by the window overlooking the river. It is great to have such a lovely little arts centre in Brentford. And tickets are affordable, unlike some of the more commercial cinemas in west London. I haven't yet sampled the curry there, but I have heard positive things, and it certainly smells good!

Review of Lou Barnell  by Melissa Byleveld
3 03/10/2014 Melissa Byleveld

The Watermans manages to be simultaneously charming and a bit bleh. It overlooks the Thames and is right next to a little river park with houseboats moored all along its waterside edge. The Watermans is great for affordable films (though don't expect a state of the art cinema) and you can take your drink into the theatre (bonus!). The tandoori restaurant is pretty good too. I just can't help but think with a bit more spark it could be so much more vibey. Tables on the balcony perhaps? And a popcorn machine?

Lou Barnell

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