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Yellow Cab offers you the full range of taxi services. Call us for dependable service of airport transport, transportation to medical visits, shopping or social visits. We provide several ways to book a taxi when needed. We provide very convenient online system and the taxi magic app for your iPhone, Blackberry or Android.


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Marcus Sean Atkinson

23 July 2018

I worked in this company for almost 10 years...its the best cab company in L. A. Everyone is more like family than co-workers.. If there is one place you miss working at its this company More...


Nafiesa Rasoelbaks

23 July 2018

I only been in LA twice, but every time I needed a car I traveled with LA Yellow Cab. My drivers were all nice and gave me good info about the city, traffic and all kind of random info you would like to hear as a tourist.

The thing that made this company a five star company to me is my experience today.

After I got picked up from LAX I had the usual ride to my hotel. Chaotic as my mind sometimes works I forgot my phone on the backseat of the cab. I discovered this only when I was standing in front of the hotel reception and I immediately called the company and left them a Facebook message. Within no time I had a reply back and was told the driver would return my phone to me.

LA Yellow Cab Co. saved me from a horrible nightmare and I want to thank all the people who were looking out for me!


Evangeline Hu

23 July 2018

I am writing this under reviews instead of "write something on this page" as when I "write something on this page" it disappears and I hope someone at the company might not see it. Please make it VERY clear to any passenger that a wheelchair taxi does NOT have a wheelchair in it, I left a message for your customer service to tell the operator scheduling the rides, it created great diffficulty for me and I posted this here so potential customers would know this also. More...


Soraia Fiore

23 July 2018

I just want to say a special thanks to Michael Antoniano for help us to find my guitar's friend ! Great service !!!


El Rompe Corazones

23 July 2018

Excellent service

On time

Will call again

Yellow cab

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Yellow Cab is the best taxi provider in the region of western US. They offer efficient, reliable LA taxi service to meet the transportation needs of visitors, residents and their corporate clients. http://www.layellowcab.com/