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Looch is an Award-Winning Mind Reader and Magician based in the midlands. He specialises in entertaining at a range of corporate and private events all over the UK & Europe.

His unique skills combined with his humour & professionalism have resulted in him quickly becoming one of the most sought after acts of this type for hire in the country today.

Having performed for Celebrity’s, Sports Stars and Politicians, Looch has recently been endorsed by former Dragons Den star Theo Paphitis. He has lectured to thousands of performers all over the world and has written several best selling books on mind reading & mentalism. He is considered by his peers to be one of the most creative performers of this kind in the world today.

Premium Services Available

Mix & Mingle - Corporate Events, Weddings & Parties
Stage Show - After Dinner Stage Entertainment
Parlour Show - Performing for the whole room (up to 100 guests)
The Crowd Puller - Trade Show & Exhibitions
'Dinner with the Mind Reader' - Restaurants
'Challenge the Mind Reader' - Purpose Built Static Show for ALL events

Looch - Mindreader  Reviews

Looch - Mindreader Reviews

Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Lorna Parry
5 17/07/2018 Lorna Parry

Looch was very personable and had a great rapport with our golden wedding party guests ranging in age from 5 to 75 ! His ‘mind games’ were so entertaining . We wanted our big party to have something special and that was it! We have no hesitation in recommending him .

Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Kathryn Scott
5 22/06/2018 Kathryn Scott

Looch performed at one of our residential conferences last night and he was absolutely brilliant! He blew the audience away with his act and left everyone completely dumbfounded - even the more sceptical ones! He was so good, that everyone was still talking about it the next day!

Pure brilliance at its best!

Would highly recommend for any corporate event.

Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Sarah Booth
5 22/05/2018 Sarah Booth

We had looch at our wedding back in November 2016. He was the talking point of our day....amazing, he left even the oldest most sceptical person speechless. Even to this day our guests are still talking about it. A genuinely nice guy too. Would recommend for a talking point at any event.

Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Lisa Kwiecinska
5 14/05/2018 Lisa Kwiecinska

Simply fantastic. A most memorable way to end our 20 year company birthday celebrations at Slayley Hall. Looch left everyone speechless at his endless talents. Can't recommend enough!

Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Sarah and Dan
5 13/05/2018 Sarah and Dan

Looch performed at my wedding and the guests loved every moment of it! He was funny and entertaining (and we still can’t work out how on earth he does it). We’d highly recommend him!

Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Luke Blindell
5 18/12/2017 Luke Blindell

Looch 'wowed' our Corporate end of year party guests. Highly entertaining. Thoroughly professional and inclusive. Very much look forward to working with him again.

Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Laura de Vos
5 23/11/2017 Laura de Vos

Amazing mind! He is a great contribution to an event. He juggles with minds and leave people amazed after his intelligent mind readings. Looch is fun, engaging and mind blowing!

Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Claire Webb
5 20/10/2017 Claire Webb

Absolutely fantastic. We had Looch at our wedding to wow the guests while we had our photos done so they wouldn’t get bored in between then and having the wedding breakfast and boy did he. My guests were so shocked at what he could do. He was so good. I would definitely recommend him for any event.

Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Kathryn Robinson
5 13/10/2017 Kathryn Robinson

Absolutely fantastic!! We had looch for my hen do last April (weekend stay in a large house) we were all stunned and amazed with his performance. Something so different and hours after he had gone we were still talking about it and trying to understand it! This mind reader is mind blowing, so much so I am now hoping to book him again for a corporate event at my workplace!

Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Sarah Tugwell
5 09/10/2017 Sarah Tugwell

I first met Wayne in May when he was doing the entertainment for a couple of mine. I am a wedding planner and Wayne was friendly yet very professional when communicating in the run up to and on the day of the couples wedding.
I cannot praise Wayne enough, seeing him perform for myself and the reaction from the guests you really will not be dissapointed in this fine entertainer for your wedding or event!!
Thank you and I have no problem in recommending Wayne to my current and future couples.
All the best Sarah

Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Chris Bell
5 07/10/2017 Chris Bell

Looch performed at a wedding I attended recently and he had the whole room amazed at his talents. This isnt you run of the mill magic show this truly is Mind Reading at its greatest level. You won't be disappointed and will leaving you wanting more!

Review of Looch - Mindreader  by john smyth
5 07/10/2017 john smyth

Absolutely mind blowing! Worked the floor fantastically and stunned all age groups with his act & charm. I have never seen anything like it. I can't wait to book him again. If I could give 10 stars, I would !!

Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Allan Simmons
5 06/10/2017 Allan Simmons

Having thoroughly enjoyed seeing Looch perform twice before we were invited by friends to another show he was doing. I almost said "let's not bother going" because I thought it would just be the same stuff we'd already seen. How wrong could I be! Once again Looch amazed us with different mind reading and psychological experiments. This guy is as good as Derren Brown! Thanks again for another great evening.

Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Marti Voce
5 01/10/2017 Marti Voce

Quiet night in the local has my mind boggled with Looch, amazed by his card tricks and mind reading. Honestly don't know how he does it never met the bloke before. Just wow :O

Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Peter Hardy
5 21/09/2017 Peter Hardy

I have been lucky enough to see Looch on a couple of occasions. His fantastic performance will leave your mind well and truly in "how did he do that" mode for sometime. I would certainly recommend Looch to bring a professional touch to any wedding or corporate event.

Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Joel Clyne
5 20/09/2017 Joel Clyne

We hired Looch for our event as we wanted something a bit fun and unique. Wow! He put on a great show entertaining and amazing all our guests. Everyone was talking about it for weeks afterwards. He was very professional, entertaining and is a great performer, engageing everyone from the minute he came on stage.
I dont know how he was able to read our minds but he seemed to know so much about us and what we were thinking it was amazing.
He made our event memorable for our guests and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him to anyone if you want a great evenings entertainment.

Review of Looch - Mindreader  by daisytot1
5 19/09/2017 daisytot1

I booked Looch for a corporate event earlier this year. He was fantastic! Incredible performer and extremely professional. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for something different. He left everyone wanting to see more with colleagues still talking about him weeks later ! thank you .. five star recommend

Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Wilde About Tan
5 19/09/2017 Wilde About Tan

I'm not a fan of what I don't know or can't understand normally, but this man always has me coming back for more! Looch appears to tell you how his 'magic' happens, and at the same time you are no wiser than before. For three years I have been watching his performances (see #stalkinghim) and I'll be forever trying to work out how he can read minds...he's phenomenal. He makes any event the place to be, and if you haven't already booked him, you are missing a trick... Or ten!

Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Laura McBride
5 18/09/2017 Laura McBride

Looch performed at our wedding on 10/06/2017, we kept him a big secret from all the family so it was a huge surprise and he definitely delivered a great experience to all our guests and ourselves. Would definitely recommend to others! Mr and Mrs McBride.

Review of Looch - Mindreader  by jonathan cobb
5 16/09/2017 jonathan cobb

Wow! I've been lucky to see Looch perform a few times and on each occasion he's blown my mind with his mental trickery!!!

Would definitely recommend if you want to turn an event into an experience...

Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Rachel and Robert
5 03/10/2016 Rachel and Robert

Looch was absolutely amazing at our wedding recently. Guests cant stop talking about how entertaining he was. He got everyone envolved, talking, lauging and left amazed. We couldnt recommed him highly enough. What an awesome guy.

Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Sue white
5 11/08/2016 Sue white

Absolutely brilliant , quite spelli binding .at all my shows he was always packed with people trying to work out how he did it .An act worth hiring every time amazing ..

Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Edward Herring
5 04/08/2016 Edward Herring

What a charming and entertaining (reasonably) young man !!!! I've seen Looch perform a few times now and always come away completely stumped. If you are looking for an entertainer for an event he's brilliant. Don't get too worried about the 'mind reading' bit - he's not a psychic as such.

Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Lorna Willis
5 02/08/2016 Lorna Willis

Very professional and very entertaining. Would not hesitate to recommend Looch for any corporate or social event! Still baffled as to how he does it!

Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Diane S.
5 31/07/2016 Diane S.

Looch is a great entertainer, a total professional, and a very clever and original thinker. You, your guests or staff will be in safe hands if you book him for your event. And to boot, he's a thoroughly nice chap too!

Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Meraux Dantes
5 27/07/2016 Meraux Dantes

Looch is not only an exceptional entertainer, he's an incredible person too. We worked together and known one another for years and the more I'm around him, the more motivated and inspired I become.

Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Mark wicks
5 26/07/2016 Mark wicks

Awesome I'm still trying to work out what he did mind blown Worth seeing looch I'm a convert Getting my family and friends to see him good work mr looch

Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Simon Hope
5 25/07/2016 Simon Hope

Pure genius and a mindblowing experience, this guy is the real deal. He spent a whole afternoon and evening working a wedding party for a friend and every single person who came in contact was drawn in to the web he spun, brilliant!!!!

Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Pete & Laura Gillanders
5 25/07/2016 Pete & Laura Gillanders

Looch did a great performance for our wedding guests, even those that were harder to read (our Dad's) couldn't believe it! Thank you Looch for keeping our guests so well entertained.

Looch - Mindreader replied:
Thanks so much guys, I am glad you and your guests enjoyed my performance. I hope to see some performance photographs soon :-)
Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Chris Saunders
5 25/07/2016 Chris Saunders

Looch will bend your mind like Uri Geller bends spoons.

Looch - Mindreader replied:
Thanks Chris, We need another shoot soon!
Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Jon rylands
5 25/07/2016 Jon rylands

Mind blowing! This guy really is something else! He leaves people open mouthed, such a down to earth friendly guy as well which tops it off. First class

Looch - Mindreader replied:
Thanks for your review Jon, I really appreciate it
Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Jackie MORGAN
5 24/07/2016 Jackie MORGAN

Wow what an amazing guy Looch is ! So much talent to wow guests for all sorts of events ... he is guaranteed to amaze and entertain !!

Looch - Mindreader replied:
Jackie, I miss you guys at Thornbridge. Those were good days and such a fantastic venue. Thank you for your review, it means the world.
Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Jayne Horspool
5 24/07/2016 Jayne Horspool

Looch has entertained us at our works party. Mesmerising, skill full and funny. Everyone left wondering what just happened and still talking about it today. A memorable evening.

Looch - Mindreader replied:
Hi Jayne, Thanks for stopping by and reviewing me. As always its a huge pleasure whenever I perform for you guys at Holland Esq. Im always a proud wearer of your jackets and they are a part of my character now. So many people pass comments on the details, you guys are amazing! Hope to see you again this December, you'll have to remind Nick x
Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Mrs Emma Crawford
5 24/07/2016 Mrs Emma Crawford

We booked Looch to mingle and wow guests at our Wedding reception.
His approach is professional yet friendly.
His performance is unbelievable and nearly 5 years on my family and friends still talk about the things he did ( I won't spoil it by giving it away ).
I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him or booking again.

Looch - Mindreader replied:
Hi Emma, I loved performing at your wedding and still remember it well so long on now. You had some fantastic guests and it was a great day!
Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Mark Pearson
5 24/07/2016 Mark Pearson

Looch is an absolute top class entertainer he will leave you stunned I cannot express how good the guy is and recommend anyone and everyone to book this guy for any kind off event really value for money in what you and UR guests get can't wait to see him perform again and again

Looch - Mindreader replied:
Thankyou so much Mark. Hope to see you at the next 'Dinner with the Mindreader' event soon !
Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Matt Smedley
5 24/07/2016 Matt Smedley

I've seen looch perform a couple of times now at corporate events, absolutely mind blowing, entertaining and a true professional at the top of his game, would highly recommend to anyone *****

Looch - Mindreader replied:
Hello Matt, thanks so much for taking time out to review. I'm very happy you enjoyed the show and look forward to seeing you again at another event. Kind regards !
Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Steve
5 24/07/2016 Steve

I used to work at a very high end wedding venue. Looch was a regularly booked by our wedding parties so I've had the pleasure of watching him perform on many occasions. He always leaves the crowd in amazement! Awesome stuff!

Looch - Mindreader replied:
Thank you for reviewing my services Steve its very much appreciated.
Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Jonathan Cobb
5 24/07/2016 Jonathan Cobb

I've had the pleasure of watching Looch perform several time, ranging from meet and great performances, corporate events and stage shows.

The amazed reactions that I see from every person that watches him says it all.

Well worth booking!

Looch - Mindreader replied:
Jonathan! Thanks for your review, you have seen me perform many times and its always a pleasure. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.
Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Jo
5 24/07/2016 Jo

As a wedding photographer I see a lot of entertainers. Looch is one of the very best out there. Amazing reactions from gob smacked guests are always great to capture and our couples LOVE them! X

Looch - Mindreader replied:
Hi Jo, you and Simon are brilliant to work with! You capture the moment of amazement on the guests faces which is so hard to do. Hope to work with you again soon.
Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Kelly Pheasey
5 24/07/2016 Kelly Pheasey

Amazed by his talents! Great entertainer for our wedding....he surplused all our expectations and more! Had everyone wondering "how did he do it?" Would defiantly recommended.

Looch - Mindreader replied:
Hi Kelly, Thank you for stopping by and reviewing my services. I really enjoyed performing at your wedding at Stancliffe, it was a fantastic day with great people.
Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Sarah clark
5 24/07/2016 Sarah clark

We booked Looch for our daughters wedding, we were looking for something a little different, we certainly achieved this . Our guests were amazed by looch who is a true showman , he never seased to amaze. Fantastic entertainment

Looch - Mindreader replied:
Hi Sarah, Thankyou for your kind words, I remember the wedding as if it was yesterday. The photographers got some incredible photographs !
Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Richard jones
5 24/07/2016 Richard jones

Amazing , mind boggling, the best entertainment I and my guests have ever since.

Looch - Mindreader replied:
Thank you Richard, I enjoyed performing at your wedding immensely. You had truly wonderful guests !
Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Malcolm Scott
5 24/07/2016 Malcolm Scott

Jaw-droppingly good.

Whether you want some entertainment for a corporate event, a wedding or any kind of get together Looch will have your guests gasping and giggling with amazement as he 'reads their minds'.

I've seen this man a several times now and every time he has created a buzz of excitement and fun.

I can't recommend Looch enough - he's a true entertainer!

Looch - Mindreader replied:
Hi Malcolm, thank you for stopping by and leaving a review. good to work with you and looking forward to again!
Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Nathan Francis
5 24/07/2016 Nathan Francis

Amazing guy. Amazing tricks . definitely the best i have seen at what he does. There's no one out there like him

Looch - Mindreader replied:
Hi Nathan, I'm so glad you took time to review my profile. I am glad you enjoyed my performance, hope to see you again soon.
Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Ian P. Christian
5 24/07/2016 Ian P. Christian

My partner and I went to see Looch at an intimate setting in a hotel. It was a wonderful event, and everyone left in a buzz of excitement trying to make sense of the miracles they had just seen.

Looch took the time to talk to people and mingle, even putting on a private demonstration for some after the show.

I'd certainly consider booking Looch for any event.

Looch - Mindreader replied:
Hi Ian, Thankyou for reviewing me on Bark. It was great to meet you at Langar Hall, it was a fantastic night and I will be back there soon performing another 'Dinner with the Mindreader'. Hope to see you again there!
Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Ben
5 24/07/2016 Ben

Amazing! I'm still in shock. How do you do it? Can't wait to see you at another wedding.

Looch - Mindreader replied:
Hi Ben, Many thanks for taking time to review my profile, I really appreciate it and I'm glad you enjoyed my performance. Please don't hesitate to get in touch again if you require my services.
Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Lisa
5 23/07/2016 Lisa

Met Looch at the IfSEC Conference, London June 2016. He was amazing!! Very funny, confident and great with the crowd. I would definately book him for my next event!

Looch - Mindreader replied:
Hi Lisa, Many thanks for your review! It was great to meet you at IFSEC, I hope you are enjoying your new iPad that you won on our stand?
Review of Looch - Mindreader  by Steve Newsome
5 23/07/2016 Steve Newsome

Great entertainment and crowd puller

Looch - Mindreader replied:
Thanks Steve, it was fantastic working with you guys!

Looch - Mindreader

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Looch - Mindreader  Q&A

Looch - Mindreader Q&A

How long have you been interested in magic?

I first began my interest in Magic & Mindreading when I was a teenager. I watched a street performer and was hooked from that moment on, prior to that moment I had only ever seen magic and mindreading on TV and I never knew what was set up or edited. Watching it close up and in person with my own eyes opened up a whole new world to me.

Take us through your show – what can we expect?

I offer a whole range of different types of shows and performances. Mix & Mingle, means I am performing for small groups as I walk around the event. The kind of material I perform in this setting is very much personalised to the guests. I will often find out a little bit about them and then tailor the demonstrations and tricks for them.
The Stage Show is designed for After-Dinner events and is much more structured. It takes the audience through a journey of impossibility leaving them open mouthed and amazed. I don't want to reveal specifics because it might spoil the show ;-)

What do you love most about your job?

Meeting lots of amazing people and getting to perform for them. I love seeing peoples faces when they react to my 'Mindreading' its fantastic! I also love performing at special events like Weddings, to be able to share someone's special day with them and their guests is a real privilege.

What inspired you to start your own business?

A love of performing mixed with a drive to provide the best quality service I could.

Why should our clients choose you?

My primary aim is to ensure my clients and their guests are utterly blown away and mesmerised by my performances. I pride myself on my client testimonials and 100% positive feedback. As a result I have been fortunate to win several awards for my business and customer service.

Services provided by Looch - Mindreader

Looch - Mindreader Services

Mix & Mingle

One of the most popular bookings is for Looch to mix and mingle at your event and amaze guests with his close up performances. This award winning option, also known as ‘walk around entertainment’ is ideal for drinks receptions, parties & weddings. Looch will blend seamlessly into any event and generate a real buzz with your guests.

Stage Show

The booking of choice for many clients, Looch’s stand up mind reader show is a unique and incredible demonstration of mind reading and psychological fun. Suitable for both Corporate and Private events, this show is guaranteed to enthrall everyone in attendance. Ranging from 30, 45 and 60 minutes in length, the Stand Up Mind Reader Show is a Mind Blowing and interactive experience that will be the talk of your event

The Crowd Puller

Utilising a variety of mind-blowing techniques to attract potential clients, Looch is an expert ‘Crowd Puller’. he specialises at gathering crowds quickly and professionally. He will amaze everyone with his skills and lead them directly to your business. Hiring Looch as ‘The Crowd Puller’ will increase awareness of your business, intensify footfall and help generate quality leads for your company each and every time.

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