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Live Fit Studio

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Live Fit Studio

Fort Lauderdale, FL


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John P.

16 August 2019

This studio is a terrific value. Wide variety of classes to get nice and FIT. The trainers are all fantastic and Jimmy is a boss on the treadmill. Highly recommend checking this spot out. More...


Dana B.

17 July 2019

I've been a member at live fit for 1.5 years and I still love it! First of Denise is awesome, so personable and is willing to fix any issue you bring to her attention. This gym offers an array of classes including Pilates, yoga, spin, kickboxing, and HIIT. Every instructor has a different personality but they are all amazing and will push you to be better. The monthly membership price is very reasonable and signing up for classes is easy through the MINDBODY app. I highly recommend trying out a free class or two before signing up for a membership. I have nothing but good things to say about live fit Cooper City :) ! More...


Lucy W.

24 November 2018

Still the best studio EVER!!! Now it's been two babies later & I worked out at Live through both, 4 & 3 days before giving birth. The instructors are always helpful, accommodating, encouraging & challenging.They offer over 90 classes a week at an affordable unlimited monthly rate and they're not pretentious at all. People go there to work out and Tony, Phil & Niecey will know you by name making you feel that you belong because you do! If you want to get in & get out that's fine, too.There's a variety of classes including: HIIT (Zone), spin, Pilates Reformer, yoga, Zumba, TRX and if you want to look at their entire lineup check them out on the MindBody app. The class variety and quality to cost just can't be beat. These are quality classes where there's something for everyone, beginner or novice.I find the classes are always challenging and I've been working out for a while. Yet don't be intimidated if you're new either b/c they do a great job at modifying until you're ready to add that extra weight, rep, whatever it is that you need. As I mentioned before this studio is not pretentious. No one there has to look like silicone Barbie or Ken to give you a good workout or work out beside you. It's a friendly laid back atmosphere, but you'll still get a great workout.The instructors are all great! They teach to their own style, but are always challenging. Stacey is the best Pilates Reformer instructor hands down. I believe she has over 20 yrs of experience. Everyone's always shaking & sweating (sometimes limping, in a good way) from her class. Jimmy is hardcore, like a drill sergeant, but always changes it up and will offer modified versions if you need. Colleen and Darnell are also great and always change things up, so you're never bored. They're both so encouraging, motivating and have the best music.Lastly, regarding the billing when I had any issue (which was maybe once) I'd call or ask in-person. I think sometimes technology & billing can require a bit of a learning curve, so be patient and bring it up if it wasn't resolved to your liking the first time. I find it's likely oversight than intentional because that was the case with me.I hope more great things are to come and that they expand their members, space and classes! More...


Gerhard Veit V.

2 February 2018

Awesome spot!  Tony Estrada and the crew here will get you fit, and you'll have a blast doing it!  I highly recommend this place, you won't regret it.


Berline R.

20 December 2017

Ammmmmaaazzzzinnnnggggg gym, amazing people , everyone knows your name, front desk Denise is awesome , Colleen is wonderful, jeff is funny, very knowledgeable, all the other trainers say hello and they will help you with anything. Any questions you have they will answer. I thought i was going to feel uncomfortable and not welcome , but total opposite. You get a great workout every time. I love this place. I had a personal trainer and i actually lost weight , jeff motivates me and push me to the max. I'm loving the results. More...


Susan K.

11 October 2017

I have been a member for almost 2 years. This gym is awesome. The staff is extremely professional and supportive. The members are very friendly. They offer a lot of classes from early morning till evening time. Definitely worth looking into. It's located In the Publix shopping center in the back. More...


Monika A.

10 August 2017

I am very pleased with the attention I received from Tony and the team members at LiveFit Connect.  I was in town for vacation, visiting family, and Tony was kind enough to allow me to drop in a couple of days without hesitation.  It is a constant struggle finding a gym that will allow out of towners to use the facilities, it seems to always be for locals.  I was invited to take a class with Naomi and she was fantastic, great energy, very good programming; definitely had me sweating! I would certainly recommend LiveFit to anyone looking to get a good workout in, specially if you're from out of town and find yourself unwelcomed at those big corp gyms. More...


Abelle A.

3 August 2017

I came to this gym with some physical limitations - carpel tunnel, abdominal issues - and they took the time to listen and to help me develop a fitness plan. Everyone from the staff to the other patrons is extremely nice. Moreover, this is not a pretentious gym. Everyone there has the same goals and no one is trying to compete with anyone else. Highly recommend it over the other massive chain gyms. More...


Alexis M.

27 July 2017

Awesome gym and friendly staff! Plenty of classes offered and a wide range of equipment. Great atmosphere to workout in! Highly recommend.


Alice T.

15 March 2017

I started at this gym the end of last year and I love it.  There is so much variety and the teachers I've had are all great.  The front desk staff are all very friendly and will always greet you.  They have something for everyone at every level. More...


Suzanne Y.

26 September 2016

Love this gym. Great variety of classes. Instructors that really pay attention. Emily's Pilates is awesome. Kick boxing with Heather is so much fun and huge calorie burn. Boxing with Pedro also great cardio workout and I'm really learning technique. Overall a great neighborhood place where every one knows your name!  One low price includes all the classes and you can use the gym on your own any time. Clean and friendly. More...


Germaine H.

23 September 2016

I'd never tried Pilates before and when Live Fit opened up near me and offered reformer classes, I signed up, excited to try something new. I'd been doing yoga for almost 20 years and as I approached 50, I was looking from something different to strengthen and reawaken certain muscles in my body. I knew very quickly that I was hooked! In addition to how I felt doing the exercises, it was also the expertise, kindness and sense of humor I found in teacher, Emily Katz, that really drew me in. She showed her character early on by learning all our names and encouraging us all in every class, not just to do the moves correctly, but to always remember to make every movement come from our core - the key to successful Pilates. Her confidence and thorough knowledge of the body and it's connection to the machine makes us all feel that we are safe. She reminds us to stay in control, to breathe at the right times and to concentrate on even the tiniest movement in order to get the most benefit. I love going to class! Thank you Emily for being so awesome :-) More...


R B.

19 September 2016

Found this gym through online reviews and web research.  Selected due to pricing, online reputation, location convenience to Davie/Plantation area, and free Zone class experience. Was looking for a gym with multiple classes and regular weight room.  So far it's met all my requirements.Pros/Result:Class- Excellent. Great coaches that instruct or motivate everyone even in large classes. I've noticed they pay attention to everyone through correcting form or pushing to stay with the workout.Time- Perfect for those that want to get the most out of 1 hour at the gym through the classes.Cleanliness-The facility is clean and has  a very nice layout.Cons or Other:They've cancelled the Technical Boxing course which is a little annoying as the boxing classes are a great change of pace and solid workout and concerning as I am a new member and am concerned they may cancel more. Final Say:So far so good and am happy to have joined. I have to give it five stars for now because I haven't experienced a gym like this and have been members of all the other standard naI will update the review if they cancel anymore classes.Tips:Pedro(boxing) and Colleen(Zone) are solid instructors. Pedro takes the time to make sure you're doing it right and Colleen knows how to push. More...


Bridgette G.

18 August 2016

I just started last week and I've been so happy with the classes. Tonight I attended technical boxing with Pedro. How exciting! Super patient and very energetic. This is a great intro class to Pedro's boxing classes. Looking forward to next weeks class. Check it out! More...


Wendy V.

11 August 2016

This class was amazing!!! Pedro is an amazing instructor, he really takes his time with his clients. The only thing is 3 people to a punching bag is a little too much. I would definitely like to see more bags so everyone can have their own when in class. besides that Pedro did a great job! I will definitely be partaking in this class weekly More...


Melissa C.

1 August 2016

I love boxing with Pedro! What a great class! I do wish that there were more boxing classes, and more bags!  It gets pretty crowded and sharing a bag with two other people is a pain. I was told by the desk staff a month ago that there would be morning classes with Pedro, which has not happened!:(  I'm very disappointed about that, and so that is the reason I'm giving only 4 stars. The staff are all friendly. Great atmosphere. Very clean gym. More...


Anya V.

6 July 2016

Bess gym. Lots of fun variety classes. Great instructors. Good tunes. Nice people. Just go. You'll love it


Alison I.

11 June 2016

I've finally found a gym I don't get bored with! Each class is different even if it's the same instructer. The class sizes are small so it's like having your own personal trainer. Unlimited Pilates classes for one flat monthly rate. ALL the instructors are awesome!!!! More...


Lissette V.

28 January 2016

I have always been a person that has hated to exercise but this place has changed that for me. I guess that is why I have always had a weight problem. Every other gym I have ever been to I have felt like I am all alone without any clue what I should be doing or even know how to use the machines. Unless you are paying for a personal trainer! All the staff here are very friendly and always willing to help you. The minute you walk into the door the staff in the front greets you with a smile. The instructors are EXCELLENT! They take their time to show you and help you without putting pressure on you. They totally encourage you push on which in turn makes you get the best workout you ever gotten. My trainer (Tony) is awesome and he has really changed my life! What gym you can go to get all the type of classes they offer unlimited, excellent instructors & trainers, personal attention, great hours, and clean facility all with a reasonable monthly fee. Another thing is that they now are starting to offer a early class at 5 AM for people like me that want to get a class before going into work.Thank you for having such a nice place that I can feel like I fit in.   AAAAAAA++++++ More...


Patricia C.

16 January 2016

Great value gym!!! For a low monthly price you get access to Pilates reformer machines, yoga classes, boot style classes, and gym equipment !


Eric H.

11 August 2015

I went to Live Fit for personal training to help my back pain.  I worked with trainer Jeremiah 3 times a week for a month.  He was extremely helpful and patient.  After a month my back pain is gone.  I am continuing on as a member at the gym because I like the facilities and the staff.  Everyone is helpful and very nice. More...


Sara M.

7 May 2015

I don't have enough good things to say about Live Fit Connect!What I love is the boutique gym quality, but without any of the attitude (from both clients and staff) of similar places, nor the ridiculous price tag of comparable gyms. The gym is under a year old, so everything is new, clean, the equipment is top-notch, and the space itself is huge - with multiple rooms to accommodate a really great schedule of classes. At Live Fit Connect, they offer the most diverse line-up of classes that I've seen in the area. There's yoga, reformer Pilates, PiYo, spinning, kick boxing, cross fit and a ton of different training classes like my personal favorite, "bombshell butts and guts." It really seems like there is something for everyone, and classes run every single day from morning to night, with multiple classes starting every half hour in the evenings, which is awesome. I've been coming here for almost a month now and I've tried a handful of classes, with 4 different trainers, but admittedly haven't gotten around to trying as many classes as I would like... mostly because I've gotten hooked on pilates with Darnell  and bombshell butts and guts with Kimba that I hate to miss one of these classes to try something different. I've got my eye set on PiYo though and I might even give heated yoga another shot! Every class I've been to has been a great workout and every trainer is knowledgeable and very friendly. They push you and encourage you to give it your max, but done so in a way that is not intimidating or obnoxious. And here's the kicker - I have gotten just as many private training sessions here as I have group classes. Turns out not too many people come to this gym Saturday and Sunday at 9am or later in the night... and every time I have come for class and no one else shows, class goes on as scheduled. I already feel stronger and more toned just after one month and call me crazy, but I look forward to coming here. Definitely recommend trying out Live Fit Connect. More...


Natalie N.

1 May 2015

Love this Gym!  I checked out this gym at a charity event which gave you an opportunity to do shorter samples of the PLYO, Pilates, cross fit and Gravitron classes throughout the day.  I had not done PLYO or Pilates or some of the Gravitron abdominal machines before (which they also have classes for) and found that I really like them.  I looked at the class schedule, and there are so many classes throughout the day, every day, and there is no extra charge.  There are several machines for Pilates, so a large group can participate, and Darnel gave a great work out! I always get more out of classes than I do a self directed workout, where I sometimes lack the motivation to stay and put in as much time  and effort as I should. The trainers definitely get more out of me. The trainers were knowledgable and inspiring, easily approachable and available to assist you.  I felt really  great after this day and couldn't wait to get back.  I like that the gym does several social events, like work outs and vollyball games at the beach, mud runs, and 5ks, which I hope to participate in soon.  The gym is a little far from my house, so I was reluctant to join right away, but I   determined that with the numerous classes and the fact that I have a flexible schedule and am on the road a lot, I can make it at least 3 times a week, and really have a workout I can get something out of, in a nice environment. The gym is easy to get in and out of, with plenty of parking, and is clean and fresh, with lots of different workout areas for different activities!  I am starting a fitness challenge now, and am excited to reach my goals with the assistance of this gym! You wont regret joining this gym! Natalie More...


Chrissy G.

28 April 2015

I initially tried this gym because a friend of mine asked me to go to a charity event that they were having. I knew when I walked in that I was going to like it but after using a 3 day pass that they gave me I was hooked. I struggled with making the decision to join because I was a longstanding member of another gym but ultimately decided to cancel that membership and come here. I'm so glad I did! I've been wanting to join a gym like this for a while but wouldn't do it because all of the local options are more expensive and come with rules as to how many classes you can take or upgrades if you want to do Pilates etc. LFC is legit all inclusive! The trainers here are phenomenal and you can tell they are actually well educated and give good advice which unfortunately is a rarity in most gyms. The classes are always small so you always end up getting individual attention from the trainer and I've always felt that they do a great job of adapting the group workouts to the individual's skill level. This place is good for everyone...beginners to advanced! I used to bodybuild so I'm no stranger to the gym but the variety here challenges me and keeps me entertained! I leave feeling tired and wake up sore. If you're into lifting they have weight classes taught by a former Mr. Olympia, they have a ton of options for cardio or even just classes for stretching and the occasional beach workouts. All in all I'm so glad I came and have met a bunch of great people! More...


Ricky G.

17 October 2014

The size of the classes are small so the trainers focus on detail and form. I joined 2 weeks ago and I enjoy the variety of classes, they even have free dance lessons on the weekend (not zumba actual dance lessons) you can't go wrong with the price of membership with all the classes that are included.


Marnie H.

18 August 2014

Wow!  This place is awesome!  Met them through the Davie Cooper City Chamber as they are fellow members.  Nice folks.  I had to go in and see the gym foe myself as they said it is different tgan all others.  Boy are they right.The place is huge!  They have rooms for free weights, crossfit, pilates, yoga, dance and more.  It is beautiful and clean.  The locker/shower rooms are also clean and stocked.What is really cool about this place is that all of the classes that they offer and included with your membership.  I have never heard of a gym that offers that.  It's awesome.I definitely recommend this place.  High end and reasonable. More...


Steve C.

29 July 2014

Ducked in to eyeball the place, it recently opened in the same space another fitness / gym / Yoga type operation used to be in. Different owners.I dig it, here's why: * Big * Lots of convenient parking on 2 sides of the building * Pilates, Yoga, Weight Training, Crossfit, Massage, Cardio, Zumba, Spin, and Circuit Training included for 1 price! SCORE! Clean, big, new, friendly staff, all-inclusive and not too packed. LOVE IT!See you there! Cabeza, OUT! More...


Terry N.

15 July 2014

As a fitness professional, I think this is a well thought out gym! Nothing was scrimped on, and attention to detail is obvious! This includes handicapped access throughout the building and in the showers where there are handrails and fold down seat for security. Impressive!From the Pilates, spinning and yoga/dance rooms....all with state of the art sound systems there is a large cardio room with loads of treadmills, ellipticals and Concept2 rowing machines! There is also a well appointed circuit room and crossfit area. Note, the yoga/dance room is very long so there is no fight for mirror space and the spin room has an enormous.....ENORMOUS!!...screen for projecting trails, etc for your ride.They also have some fun ideas for their CrossFit classes in the evenings.They are also hiring a dance instructor to not only teach Zumba and jazz and hip hop but also for ballroom!!! Also coming is a nutrition/juice bar and there's  a masseuse, too!!! I came because my mom is new to the area and wants to make friends while getting fitter. The fact that Live Fit will be doing weekly social activities is a big draw for her. This gym is all inclusive and not like an LA...you know who...where their attention is solely on sales, after they've got you, you are just a number. Live Fit staff and trainers want to get to know YOU! Give a three day pass a whirl. You won't be disappointed. So happy a friend recommended this place! More...


Martha Mae T.

25 June 2014

Great place to grab a workout! High end workouts for just $3 dollars a day. A private exclusive gym that has the top of the line equipment- Zero gravity machines and Pilates machines.Their classes include CrossFit, Pilates (I LOVE THIS ONE) and Yoga. Their fantastic and gorgeous staff live what they teach and their bodies show it. Staff includes Mr. Olympia World Stan Frydrych. Classes the are taught by real knowledgeable instructors that will take time to correct your form for a better work out. They is also a social club that will be doing trips to the Great Wall of China! I havent done the massage yet but if it is anything like the rest of it it will be FABULOUS.My results have been well worth the price.The place is a little hidden in the plaza but the space is huge. I love that it is a real small business owners. They give you more personalize attention. Great find in Cooper City! More...