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Born in Italy from an Italian father and an English mother, Michael Valeriani has dedicated his life to photography. He studied in Italy at the European Institute of Design, in the USA at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara and at the San Francisco Academy of Art, meanwhile becoming an airplane pilot.


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Rose Hills

12 March 2011

We have used Mike Valeriani as photographer for our wedding and we are delighted with the photos. They are artistic and unique and our friends tell us they are very special compared to other wedding photos they have seen. We wish to recommend MiSposo very highly to anyone looking for a wedding photographer. More...



15 May 2010

My sister used this photographer and the pictures were great. Now I am getting married this summer and I want the same. I want to recommend this photographer very highly as we were very happy with him.<br />Julia


Lisa Canningham

9 May 2010

A friend of mine has used this photographer and she was exceptionally happy with the pictures. When my sister will get married in a few years (we hope) she will probably go with them as well. Really artistic photos, there were so many to frame, but we couldn't frame them all... More...


Jenna Flinghainer

4 September 2009

We were very happy with the services of MiSposo. They gave us exactely what we wanted and we couldn't possibly be happier! Thank you!!


Barbara Lee

22 May 2009

I would recommend Misposo to anyone who is looking for good high quality wedding photography service. The photos were amazing, not just photos, it speaks itself in away that is like in film. Me & many other people have discovered themselves again from the natural side. I just love those photos more & more everyday! I think everybody should have a chance to discover yourselves again with Misposo.<span id="moreReview50593" class="hide"> The service was excellent, everything was done to perfection. <br /><br />Thank you soo much for this wonderful gift!</span> More...


Daniele Colle

18 May 2009

I married in 2002 in an ancient town in Tuscany, Italy. I asked Mr. Valeriani to take the essence of our unforgettable day, in a way in which my wife and I could find ourselves in the following years and decades, and have a sort of a "ideal place" to come back to when we had difficult times, and restore and find new reasons to go on. Mike delivered our dreams, our emotions and hopes into a<span id="moreReview49820" class="hide"> beautiful album in which everything found the right place to stay and confirm us who we are together, as a family.<br />Grazie, Mike.</span> More...

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The secret of taking a good photograph is a solid preparation to stand on, experience, the use of professional equipment and love for the job.

What do I love most about my job? I love creating images that please people and being able to do this for a living is the most rewarding thing for me.

Running my own business gives me a freedom that no other job can provide and this is very important to me. I am free to choose where and when to work... even though I end up working all the time, but at least I choose to do so.

I have over 30 years experience in creating memorable images for people to enjoy. I have worked for magazines, agencies and private individuals. I studied photography at the European Institute of design in Italy, at Brooks Institute of photography in Santa Barbara, California and at the academy of art in San Francisco, California. On top of that my fees are very reasonable; I provide full coverage of a wedding for the entire day starting from only £1800.



We only provide full day service for weddings, because on such a special occasion, we want to do it right and half a day just won’t cut it. When you book a photographer for only half a day, you can bet your life on the fact that the photographer has another wedding either before, or after yours. I consider this to be highly unprofessional and I personally refuse to do it, because I want to fully concentrate on your special day and I don’t want to be distracted with another one, which involves travel time, phone calls, tiredness, etc. When you book me for your day, I will be yours for the whole day and there will be no other distractions. This is the only way I will do it.