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LEDRA Productions Ltd

Oxford Circus, Greater London, United Kingdom

LEDRA Productions Ltd logo

LEDRA Productions Ltd

Oxford Circus, Greater London, United Kingdom


Working with you at the crossroads of creativity and marketing to design videos that tell your story, achieve impact and build competitive advantage.

-> VIDEO CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT: Creative, Treatment Developing, Visual Identity & Messaging



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I love to apply my knowledge in marketing and creativity to solve (visual) problems for clients and tell their story in an inspiring way.

I think, I can be most effective when I work for myself. I need that freedom to produce good work.

I am dedicated to provide good work, period. I won't take on a job if I don't think I can't give it my all and provide value.
As a child already, who filmed and edited everything together that I came across, I realised that telling a relevant story in a visually appealing way lets people pay attention. That insight let me crave to deepen my knowledge in advertising and video marketing at Hult International Business School in London to figure out how to make videos and films not only beautiful pieces of art, but effective communication tools. I


We listen to your ideas (or go through your brief, RFP), brainstorm together your message and visual identity (what look communicates your brand & message the best) and develop a creative treatment and mood board to let you know exactly how we are planning to bring your idea to life.

Based on the creative treatment, we are designing a storyboard and plan out the shots. Once we know, what and how we need to film, we start scheduling and arranging the shooting, including casting, equipment management, crew-up and budgeting. We also schedule and plan all necessary post-production processes to give you an estimate when you can expect the video.

Based on the shooting schedule, we will film the develop scenes.

Based on what is required for your ideas, we offer full-service post-production activities, most notably: 1) Editorial Development 2) Color Correction & Grading 3) Sound Design 4) Finishing 5) Motion Graphics & VFX