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Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato

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25 April 2018

Thank you for having integrity and professionalism to let me know you couldn’t help me but i told my husband how respectful you were to understand what we have gone through. I would highly recommend you to our friends and family. I will not have any hesitation saying it’s refreshing to see that.
Again, thank you so much.

- Victoria

9 February 2018

Very happy with their professionalism.
They were very honest and I highly recommend them. They answered all of my question and theydid not know they found out in very short time. My whole experience was very awesome! More...

11 October 2017

I was rear ended again and wish wolf and pravoto would have taken on my case since they help my family and I during the first one but No one returned my calls I called for 4 days then Irma came then I only had 2 days left to seek counsel and still to no prevail I never got my call back and I kept trying now I have spingarn and I'm not so happy with how things are going right now.

27 September 2017

I got rear ended at a traffic light by an under-insured driver. The professional lawyers and staff at W&P helped me get the money necessary to pay my medical bills from my insurance company and my UM coverage. The lawyers are excellent and the service from the staff is outstanding. Whenever I had a question, they answered the phone or wrote back to my emails in a jiffy. They made what could have been a bad situation easy and bearable. Summed up... they care about their clients. It's obvious. More...

17 September 2017

I can count on one hand, and there will still be many fingers left, how many times in my life I had to take a lawyer for anything at all. One morning I drive to work as usual and out of the blue another car speeds heads on into my lane. They took me to the trauma center. A colleague of mine and a good friend who visited me at the that day recommended me to contact Wolf & Pravato. Months later I was able to fully grasp how good was that advice. I am usually very organized when it comes to medical bills, but what I faced was way above my league - super high hospital bills, no protection at all from my own health insurance which automatically denied every claim remotely related to the accident . I was so fortunate that the office of Wolf & Pravato was there to represent me in many complex negotiations giving me a full peace of mind. From Day One they were so attentive and prompt, visiting me many times, explaining everything, being there for every question that I had , guiding me all the way to the positive conclusion of this sad episode in my life. Most of all what really counts is their vast experience with all the ins and outs of personal injury. More...

13 June 2016

I have to begin by saying that this was my first motor vehicle accident and even though I wouldn't wish to have gone through that traumatic experience I am beyond happy having been put in touch with the law firm of Wolf & Pravato. From the moment we were in contact while I was in the hospital they made me feel that this situation was all about my recovery and my well being. Again being my first experience I had many questions as to the entire process but I can tell you without hesitation the entire team made sure my questions were all answered and many a times even before I asked them. Along with their tenacity to help me even with my health providers getting 2nd or even 3rd opinions they would not stop until I received the care I deserved to recover from this terrible incident. Through it all their professionalism and their compassion has been above and beyond. I am very happy with the outcome and would recommend the law firm of Wolf & Pravato to anyone who has been involved in a motor vehicle accident they are absolutely amazing!!! More...

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