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Ladybug Media is a results driven marketing agency. We specialize in local businesses and helping them to gain more paying customers.

We are entirely focused on our clients and giving a good return on investment. This is why we have no set base rates.



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I love putting together strategies and seeing them come into form. Nothing is better than seeing sales coming in for my clients as a result of our services.

I worked in sales and print advertising for a while and I found it increasingly harder to try and sell once I realized that a lot of the products I was selling didn't really get results for the people I was working with. The main things I kept hearing were 'I have someone doing my SEO' or 'I'm getting most of my business from Facebook and I'm happy with what I'm getting back from it'. I knew if I wanted to actually get people results, I had to study digital marketing. After nearly 2 years of studying and building small ecommerce businesses I decided to start a digital marketing agency as this is my true passion. To add value to my clients lives and deliver real, long lasting results.

I am not the sort of marketer who is out to get as much money out of you as I can. I want you to succeed because my belief is that the more success people get from my services the more I can achieve and the more rewarding my job is. Whether your budget is large or small I will work out something that will get the most out of what you have and offer real advice that you can follow yourself. My main focus is client satisfaction, so I'm always available to answer any questions you may have and I'll be there to pick the phone up after working hours. We put in 110% to get you the results you deserve. With a realistic return on investment and results that you can really monitor.