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Kaile Vierstra

What a wonderful lady & awesome photographer!


Claire Hammond Adams

Highly recommend! Kylene does an amazing job!


Ali Sue

It's taken me a long time to do this, to work up the courage, but I finally found my voice. My husband and I met with Kylene probably four times before our big day. We chose her over others because she worked for the CJ, and was able to give a unique perspective as a photojournalist. We saw her work and were both just so excited. We couldn't go wrong! I talked with her about my love of my aunts, how they were second mothers to me...how I didn't like typical, cheesy wedding photos.
It was only five months later that I realized this woman did not care about ANYTHING I said. She showed up with a chip on her shoulder, and as she walked in the room, the energy changed.
She was a complete and total sourpuss. She yelled at me a couple times because we were running late. I had 8 bridesmaids and I was the last one to get ready. Also, if I wanted to be two hours late to my ceremony, exactly what business was it of hers anyway?
When I got in the limo with my bridesmaids after finally getting ready, my mother and I had gotten into a bit of any argument. I was in tears. My cousin was able to make me smile within 2 minutes, and things were great again. It was a 30 minute ride from the hotel to the church. Kylene did not snap ONE PHOTO. NOT ONE. I have zero with my bridesmaids before the ceremony. She sat solemn, smug, and I even tried chatting awkwardly with her, this person who had done a total 180 since our last meeting.
After the ceremony: she and her husband took pics outside the church. She failed to take any of the requested pics with my aunts, cousins, etc.
Only grandparents and immediate family. I didn't notice because...it was my wedding day, and it wasn't my JOB. it was a total whirlwind, and if I could go back and give some instruction, (though I thought I'd done that at our meetings..) I would. Actually if I could go back, I'd have stayed far, far away from her.
Bridal party pics: we were running right on time to get to the reception. We chose the waterfront to take pics. We were rushed and she snapped approximately ONE picture of my siblings and I together, as well as ONE pic with my bridesmaids. I'd later learn that the groom/groomsmen photos that were to be taken before the ceremony were all also ruined. EVERY SINGLE PICTURE. RUINED. Her partner husband took every pic (group and single) in the sun to where no one could see. Everyone is squinting. They're unusable. EVERY single one of them.
Wedding party photos: ALL UNUSABLE. There's a shadow on the entire left side of our wedding party that is just embarrassing at best. Same with group bridal party photos.
The limo: again, Kylene rode with us one way to the riverfront, but she rode to the reception (30 minutes of paid time) in her own car. I have ONE picture from the limo, and it's of my husband and I. None of the wedding party.
We arrive to reception and take sparkler pictures at dusk, meaning we'd only have a black and white photo of my most requested picture.
She snaps a couple of us with a "thank you" sign, and to the reception we go.
We cut the cake and did first dances first. After that, I can't tell you where the photographers were. There are approximately 15-20 photos of my wedding guests. I had over 300 guests.
We paid an extra $175 for Kylene to stay an extra hour. I shudder to think how my wedding pictures could've turned out worse, but I guess this extra hour afforded me a few speech pictures. There's a blurry pic of my sister giving her speech, best man, etc., but not much else. What time did Kylene and her husband leave? No clue, they never said goodbye.
My cousin later asked, "why was your photographer being so mean to you?!"
I couldn't figure it out either.
After 5 months we were sent a CD with my name spelled wrong, along with the most depressing compilation of work I've ever seen from anyone's wedding album. I cried for days. The only redeeming photos were the ones I specifically asked for (from Pinterest) along with maybe 5 others.
My husband is a quiet, kind person, but the money spent and my tears were enough to push him over the edge. He wrote her a pretty mean email, even calling her work "amateur." I was shocked to see this from him, but I knew I didn't disagree. Kylene wrote back and told of all her awards, experience, etc., but her work on our wedding day spoke for itself. There was nothing she could say,except this:
She blamed ME for running late to the ceremony. EVERY bad picture was my fault, not hers. She took no responsibility for the laughable photos she sent us, and yes, blamed me for the quality.
I'm not quite sure how my running late could possibly effect the outcome of my entire wedding album, but I guess this is a forewarning to other brides.
Bottom line: Kylene was smug, aloof, and unkind on our wedding day, and it showed in nearly every single picture.
It's been awhile now, but after to talking to others who were unhappy with her body of work after their weddings, (but would not say anything to her) I decided it's time for me to tell the truth.
Kylene is an amazing photographer...sometimes.
Had I known that, I wouldn't have taken the risk I'd catch her on an "off day"


Elizabeth Bohnert Murphy

The best photographer in Louisville for weddings and portraits!!!!


Sammy Kudmani

Kylene and her dream team are absolute professionals that always put their client's first. We cannot wait for the opportunity to work with Kylene in the future.


Megan Hanley

Kylene is the perfect photographer. She shot our destination (beach) wedding and exceeded our every expectation. She's easy going, organized, flexible, prompt and talented!

Book her, you're crazy not to!


Stephanie Huff

I would definitely recommend Kylene! She has great ideas and it shows in her beautiful pictures. So easy and fun to work with. We had a great time during our session, loved the place she chose to shoot the pictures, and love the pictures we have seen so far! Can't wait to see the final product! More...


Lucy Axton Miller

Kylene took my daughter's senior pictures and she did an outstanding job. There were almost too many wonderful portraits to choose from! She was easy to work with and made my daughter feel very relaxed and comfortable. I was completely satisfied and would highly recommend her services to anyone! More...


Blair Kmetz Hanson

Kylene was so easy to work with, she had such a calming presence on the big day and our pictures turned out great, so happy. Thank you!


Angela Nief

On Thanksgiving 2014 my fiancé asked me to marry him in the most unconventional manner; driving and singing "Santa Baby!" The next week, I spoke with Kylene, whom I've known since she was young since I worked for her father, Darwin. Relief when she agreed to CAPTURE my wedding. Working in the field, you become picky, knowledgable and I was at ease knowing Kylene was going to tell my story and not just take pictures! It started with the engagement session downtown and anyone who can make Mark comfortable in front of a camera is "hired" and we loved every image so much! As the wedding day approached and I became more stressed, it was never a worry that my portraits would be outstanding! That day! Ahhhh! It went so smooth and we laughed and it could not have been any more perfect than it was and the moments, laughter, tenderness captured by Kylene and Dustin made my heart swell with joy! I'm eternally grateful for them both and highly recommend Kylene! I wouldn't not have trusted another photographer to cover my wedding...thanks for the moments! More...


Jennifer LaPrade

Before even getting engaged I knew that I wanted Kylene to capture my big day! If you just take one look at her work you will be blown away. She is very talented and sweet to work with. When booking your photographer you want to make sure you can trust that person and I never had any doubts with Kylene. I promise if you book her to capture your big day you will not be disappointed. Thank you for everything you did for us Kylene, you were the best to work with!! More...


Christina Banks Edelen

I recently had my third photography session with Kylene's Photography. I can't express enough how beautiful every single picture turned out. Kylene is professional, easy to work with, accommodating, and takes wonderful pictures. I have used her services for my wedding, children, and now family photo sessions. Each time Kylene has gone above and beyond to make my family her priority and the pictures have been nothing less than spectacular. My pictures have always turned out more beautiful than expected and I would recommend her to anyone! Thank you again Kylene! More...


Carleigh Stragand

Where do I even begin! Photography was my #1 priority on my wedding vendor list. I was SUPER nervous about picking the perfect photographer for my big day. I met Kylene at a wedding show and instantly knew she was the one! Her pictures from past weddings blew me away & was exactly what I wanted for my photos. We met with her several times before the big day- she really wanted to get to know my husband and I. She is so sweet and fun to work with. She loves what she does & it shows within her work. She did both my engagement and wedding photos! My husband is a pain when it comes to photos, but she made it so enjoyable for both him and I. The pictures were phenomenal & I still receive compliments to this day. She created a guestbook for our wedding of our engagement photos, which was the coolest guestbook ever! The wedding photo album is gorgeous and truly tells a story- something my husband and I, our families, friends, and even future children will cherish for a lifetime. I love being able to re-live the most perfect day through Kylene's photos. I find myself looking at the photos everyday. She is AMAZING and I highly recommend her for any of your photography needs!! More...


Lora Curl Kesler

Kylene was amazing to work with from engagement photos to our wedding day! She has an eye to capture the little special moments that are often missed. Kylene is timely, organized, and professional. Our wedding and engagement photos are gorgeous! Photography was one of my top vendor priorities for my wedding day and I’m happy to report that Kylene was the best choice! I’ll be using her again and again as our family grows!

Book her! You will be glad you did!

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