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Kirsty's Clinic offers an alternative therapy that is powerful at treating many ailments; including pain, headaches, migraines, IBS, tinnitus, stress, chronic fatigue and more.

The treatment is pain-free, permanent and you will feel results fast.


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Colin Fordham

4 November 2018

I had been in pain since May after a minor car accident. I couldn’t drive for more than 25 miles without having to stop and being a driving instructor, my work became a painful chore every day. After one session I can honestly say that for the first time in 6 months I have been able to work pain free. More...


Lise Regan

19 December 2017

I've just had an amazing session with Kirsty! It was so relaxing and Kirsty's manner is both warm and professional so I was totally at ease. I feel energised already and look forward to seeing great improvements in the areas for which she's treated me. I cannot recommend Kirsty highly enough. Such a gentle and enjoyable experience. Thank you! More...


Lee Moio

14 December 2017

I was skeptical at first after trying lots of other treatments!


Miranda Brotherton

14 December 2017

For as long as I can remember I've suffered from headaches and days when i woke up without them was a blessing. I also recently started having issues with my lower back. I had my first session with Kirsty over a week ago and can safely say I haven't had ANY headaches during this time and she has solved my back issues through the use of P-DTR. Kristy is really down to earth and makes you feel really comfortable, I really enjoyed the session and the results. I will be returning and couldn't recommend her enough! Thank you! More...


Ruth Hubbard

9 October 2017

I had my first session yesterday where Kirsty worked with specific physical ailments and some deep seated trauma and today I have cleaned my kitchen, spent 4 hours socialising with a really good friend and I have had 2 clients of my own and there is no sign of the nagging fatigue that would usually have me on my knees if i do that much in a day. I feel lighter and just plain better I had forgotten what not feeling tired felt like, so thank you. I can't wait for our next session to work on allergies which have alongside years of fibromyalgia have been making my life a challenge to say the least. More...


Georgina Free

30 August 2017

Had my first ever session of P-DTR with Kirsty last week after never hearing about it before and totally loved the experience! I previously suffered with knee pain when i walked or went running for long periods of time, can now say it doesn't hurt at all! Would highly recommend!! �� More...


Sophia Ibro

22 August 2017

I was very impressed with everything, from booking my first appointment and my treatment. I would definitely recommend family and friends.


Elle Goldring

22 August 2017

I was lucky enough to be chosen to have P-DTR for wrinkle reduction and I am totally amazed at the result and even my tinnitus has reduced. Kirsty was friendly, welcoming and professional. More...


Gareth Roberts

22 August 2017

“When I was first introduced to the concept of P-DTR I was interested and curious as to how it would be able to do all that it said on the tin with such a seemingly simple treatment and so it was with mixed scepticism and an open mind that I came to have my first session.


Jerry Cheng

1 August 2017

Kirsty's attention to detail is on point, I have been struggling with some shoulder problems and found out every time I raised my arm I couldn't straighten my elbow or the movement was very stiff, found the problem and now has been resolved. Thanks Kirsty!


Lou Archer

31 July 2017

So I had my first ever session of P-DTR in the capable hands of Kirsty Thomas. Honestly I had no idea what it was or involved and that was even after reading about it! As a long term sufferer of a very painful neck and shoulder what I did read interested me, especially the part that said P-DTR can help where other approaches such as massage and physio tend to provide temporary relief. I decided to give it a go! After an hour with Kirsty who explained the principles and techniques, assessed me (and my receptors) and some gentle tapping, brushing and squeezing my skin in different areas (I'm still not clear what actually happened!). I was able to complete tasks that I couldn't at the beginning of the hour and even more excitingly, the tension in my neck and shoulder had eased considerably and the pain reduced! I left bemused but happy. Five days later and still pain free, I'm intrigued that something so gentle and non invasive can have had such a positive effect, so much so that I can't wait to go back and see what else Kirsty and her P-DTR can do! More...

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Being able to help people on a daily basis is just a pleasure and can not be called work. The unique therapy I use is soo powerful and it never fails to amaze me or my patients. I can't wait until pdtr is more well known and will be able to help so many more people.

Being self employed comes with the territory of being an alternative therapist.

I know how much pdtr can help people in ways they never knew. I encourage you to read up about the treatment to see the science behind the treatment. It makes sense on so many levels, treating the body holistically, targeting the control system of the body, I can not recommend pdtr enough.