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Aerial Photography | 2D Maps | 3D Models | Aerial Surveys | Video | Security | Industrial Inspections | Real Estate

Working throughout the UK we have the experience and equipment needed to operate in complex environments.

KFD | UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) providing tailored drone services to a variety of clients and industries.



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The freedom to operate anywhere in the world doing a job that I love. I take great satisfaction in delivering the end result to my clients.

Aerial images from our cameras can be viewed in real time to enable the best angles and perspectives captured by manoeuvring the aircraft and adjusting the camera during flight. This allows our clients and/or on-site management to view the mission as the drones fly.

Just because we can fly high doesn't mean we do. Often we need to fly in complex airspace with unseen hazards and need close up images. This requires good flight skills and control of the space we operate in. Our drones are capable of flying at high speed and long distances at great height, but we prefer close up imagery producing amazing data and crystal clear photography and video .

Multiple overlapping aerial images can be processed into 2-Dimensional Maps and 3-Dimensional Models. Data from our maps and models are beneficial in a variety of ways.

But more importantly our business is helping your business succeed.

Following a serious accident in 2016 I found myself needing to retrain at the age of 48. I decided to work for myself for the first time in my life.

I am a now a qualified Drone Pilot offering Aerial Photography, Inspection Surveys and 2/3D Mapping to various industries including Real Estate, Construction, Agriculture , Renewable Energy and Industrial Operations.

We take care of every aspect required to a highly professional standard and deliver fast, accurate and cost effective services to each client.

We also understand budgets and so the price we quote is the price we invoice. No hourly rates or half day charges, just a simple Quote - Execute - Invoice system. No downtime charges, travel expenses, parking... The price we quote is the price we invoice.