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Keyword Copywriting provides crisp, customer-focused content for websites. I have 9 years' on-page SEO experience, so it will be optimised for all major search engines.

As you know, website readers have the attention span of a gnat. Your online content will be written and formatted to take this into account.


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Sharon Curry

27 April 2019

Wow! …. My website went live last Friday and I all ready have a client, who contacted me via the website … thank you Helen. As the last reviewer said Helen has this amazing knack of taking what you said … doing her thing with it! … and then writing it so that he sounds like you .. but in a way that is far more engaging and is talking directly to the client. What I do isn't that easy to explain to people … but Helen hit the nail on the head …. and got the level of information just right.... I was amazed at the amount of research that she did into the subject . I highly recommend Helen. Sharon at "Life beyond cancer" cancer support coaching. More...


Sandy O'Neill

27 May 2018

To be honest, until I met Helen I wasn't sure what copywriters actually did. Then she said `I write content for people's websites' and the penny dropped. My own website content wasn't doing me any favours so I asked Helen to re-write my website content.Helen has a wonderful knack of being able to hear ‘your voice’ when she writes, so the content was exactly the message I wanted to get across for my business. I had spent 6 months writing my own website which was a painful and tedious process (plus useless for getting picked up on google), so I was prepared for much of the same. How wrong I was! The process was completed and signed off within 2 weeks and my site was up and running. In a nutshell, I will never again attempt to write my own website content now that I have found Helen, she is an absolute Godsend and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Sandy Absolute Professionals Ltd. More...

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Making a measurable difference to people's businesses. It's amazing when you see a direct result - more website enquiries, for example - and sometimes those results can be dramatic. One of my recent clients had to take on 3 extra staff as he had so much additional work via the website.

Also, as a copywriter, no two projects are the same. At the moment, I'm writing website content for a social media agency - and product descriptions for a chap who makes luxury Italian leather dog collars. Next week I'm writing about insurance...

To be honest, I got fed up with horrendous website content.

Also, I realised (belatedly) that writing like this is a valuable skill. I'd always thought that everyone could write in a natural, conversational style. Then... light bulb... I realised that most people can't.

The writing quality. I can mimic any style or tone of voice - from achingly trendy digital natives to tweedy Home Counties.

Then there's the meticulous research. I have a background as a BBC researcher so it comes naturally. It means I can write about virtually anything.