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I provide a range of services from web content, social media build up and proofreading and editing. I have experience in building the content for a web designer, ghost writing for journalists, blogging, creating advertising content, proofreading large bodies of work - including academic essays, biographies and fiction and non fiction literature.


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I love the flexibility of working whenever and wherever I can. When a job comes in, I don't have to be sitting in an office to be able to respond to a potential client, I am available pretty much 24/7.

Writing is my passion. After completing my Masters in Creative Writing I could never find the satisfaction of a nine to five office job. Being able to create work for others and seeing it put to use is the most satisfying part of what I do.

I am honest, I am diligent, I am fair. I listen to the spec, I ask questions to clarify and I am quick but thorough. I price my work fairly and if a client isn't completely happy with what I deliver, I am willing to amend it.


If you're building a new website or in need of a shake up, I am able to help you with fresh content. With plenty of experience in this field, from cafes, health and safety construction companies to removal companies, I have created the content for many satisfied clients. I understand tone, language and selling. I know how to encourage your customers to choose you from your competition.

From journalism, academic essays, blogging, articles, fiction and non fiction literature, I have edited and proofread many pieces of works. I provide a rapid reading rate and detailed and constructive editing responses with follow-up clarification always available.

Whether it's blogging, article writing or ghost writing for a journalist, I am able to create the content you are looking for. Having been a student in higher full-time and part-time education, travelled and lived abroad, moved permanently to another country, become a mother and working from home, I can cover many areas. My hobbies include, reading - which I rate and review, cooking, baking, knitting, exploring new places, television shows, films and blogging. If you are in need of pieces written on any of these topics - and more, I can be of service.