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Please just call 07738454132 to get a quote and booking as these sites charge and we aim to try and keep our costs down to benefit our customers


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We’re always happy to take request and play the ship msg your guests want with over 200,000 on our system aswell as constant access to the internet we can find them all. Key to a successful night is great management understanding parties and timeing the pace of the event usually takes and hour and half to get people settled and few drinks then as most parties do they then decide to get food this moment of foood then means you have another 30 mins to a hour of background music before building it up to get people dancing trick is don’t put food on and get everyone danceing sooner or have food open straight away to get it over and done with

Fun, old, new, cheesy, upbeat, pop, rock, urban, then late night danceing

Seeing people smile and is always fun watching everyone attempting the party dances from time to time

As a professional lighting and sound tech for shows and production world wide it seemed like a natural thing to do to earn a little money on the side when work is quiet

We’re here to serve you keep costs down, make your evening/event look sound and be a wonderful success.