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JPenlington Media provides a professional videography service creating bespoke video and photographic content to ideally suit your business whatever it's size.


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Patience. Thats the first word that immediately springs to mind. In a lot of styles when it comes to photography, the amount of prep and setup time needed in order to capture that special shot is ridiculous! I personally am not a fan of the typical studio setup, I much prefer using natural surroundings and light to gain my results, you get the pure essence of what your shooting the you get rid of all the artificial elements and thats what I love most!

Well for starters I offer a no obligation meeting. I find it always helps just to have an unencumbered conversation and put pen to paper with what ideas are flowing through the clients mind when starting a new project. Having set questions doesn't always work as of course every individual is different. But bouncing ideas off of one another always gives me great results!

I love the versatility of being a freelance videographer and photographer. The style of job can change from one enquiry to the next, so it always keeps me on my toes and is always pushing me to adapt to new tasks.

I briefly worked in an office after graduating from university, and to be perfectly honest, I hated it. I love being active and out on location shooting whether that be video or photography. My hours aren't your typical 9-5, a lot of the time they're much longer. But I working in an office really showed me what it was that I wanted to pursue as a career and I havent looked back since!