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In my experience most people come to therapy because they are experiencing pain. Not so much in the physical sense, more psychological and emotional pain. The pain can take many forms; the pain of dealing with anxiety or addiction, the pain of depression and repeating cycles of harmful behaviour patterns, the pain brought about by trauma or the pain of not being sure of one’s identity or how to successfully relate to others.


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12 June 2019

John was very helpful and offered a lot of new insights and ideas/ways of thinking. It has helped me to change the way I think about things.



15 May 2019

John is very experienced and from the first session I saw some kind of improvement which is a huge contrast from the other counsellors I saw. I would recommend him to anyone, he helped so much. More...



6 March 2019

Very understanding and thought provoking. Patient, kind and made me feel extremely comfortable from the start.


Anna Mears

19 February 2019

I have found John to be a highly professional source of support for my child. He is innovative in his approach and has given them the space and time to work through ideas and identify next steps. I can’t recommend him enough.

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I enjoy meeting people and feel privileged to be invited into a client’s world for the purpose of helping them to improve some aspect of their lives. Working with a client creatively to find the key that will unlock change and improvement is such a rewarding experience. As a therapist I learn and grow with each person that I work with and I have learnt that to be effective, I have to try and see the world as my client does, without judgement. Therapy is a special type of helping relationship where there are no guarantees about outcomes but when it works there is no better feeling than seeing someone move on with their life and making changes that enhance some part of their existence.

I retired from full time work as in education in 2016 and since then have done volunteer work for a local charity where I use my counselling skills. I also help with a charity based in Suffolk that offers arts based courses to young adults with special needs and emotional problems. What I have missed however is one to one work with people helping them to make changes in their life. I recently moved house and have been able to turn one room into an ideal space for seeing individual clients. So, with time to devote to the area of work I have always valued and the space in which I can conduct this work, it felt like the right time to turn my passion into a small business where I will work with a small number of individual clients to help find creative ways forward from the problems that are holding them back in life.

On a personal level I am told that I am easy to get on with and friendly. I am compassionate, calm and I have a good sense of humour. Professionally I understand the importance of confidentiality and being a reliable, non-judgemental therapist. I will use a range of therapies that many other therapists cannot offer and I will always tailor my approach to fit the needs of my clients. For me therapy is not something “done” to clients. It is a partnership and a creative journey. I stick with my clients and I understand that I need to earn their trust and confidence. I have a lot of experience, particularly in support of younger people, and I get a real sense of wonder when I see people creating a better life for themselves. Most people have more internal resources that they realise and I see my role as helping people to tap into that and to discover, with my help, ways of overcoming the obstacles that are holding them back. I have a wealth of experience helping people with nearly all of the issues that someone would seek therapy in the first place. You can come to see me with virtually any problem confident that I have the skills and experience to help you.