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Interior design services and on site design consultations for home, office, store. $75/hr.

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Jama Dameron

30 July 2018

We asked Jill Seidner Interior Design for help with finding the perfect paint color for our home. She and her staff are prompt, professional and creative. I highly recommend her services. She'll make your home beautiful and perfectly suited for you! More...


Ron Farber

30 July 2018

Jill is great! Very creative and personable. I spoke to a lot of designers looking for the right one and Jill was very reasonable and had a really good eye. She knew exactly what would make things look better quickly and the small details made such a big difference! More...


Neil G.

5 July 2017

I had a very small interior design job that I needed to get some help with, and was fortunate to find Jill. In only an hour of her time, she gave me more than a half dozen different ideas for how to solve my problem, and because of her insight I was able to execute a concept that I'm very pleased to have. I can only imagine how much value she delivers to clients with much grander needs, and envy the good fortune they will undoubtedly have working with her on a larger scale. More...


Adam C.

23 June 2015

We've been working with Jill for years now. It was originally on a wing and a prayer. We moved into our new Santa Monica house and needed some help to do a makeover. We hunted her down online and gave her a shot. You never fully know with anyone on line. But we were glad we did. She had a couple really smart renovations ideas that changed our kitchen and really improved the flow and the feel. She had a great sense of color and how to connect rooms in a cool way. She physically did a lot of hands on work pulling fabrics, designing wall units that the carpenter built and pulling furniture samples. We've done parts of our house over the years or moved into new phases like the furniture phase. We've always brought her back to help us and she's never let us down. No, we're not related... we just appreciate when you can find someone great who loves what they do and do it well. More...



29 December 2013

I had a great experience working with Jill! I found her online in need of someone to help pick paint colors. She met with us and just under two hours had helped us select paint colors for all the interior rooms of our house, she left the paint swatches with us to keep and charged just $150 for a two...


Andi C.

23 October 2011

Every time I come home I am reminded of how grateful I am that we found Jill online!  My husband & I wanted to repaint, but had no idea how to pick the colors.  I'm sure that we'd still be looking at samples if we hadn't met Jill.  She helped up pick colors that warmed up our whole home & made a great base to picking out our new furniture.  After we painted, Jill helped with space design & helped us pick out & arrange new furniture, art work & lighting.  She was always available by e-mail to run ideas by & she made the whole process so much easier than if we were trying to do everything ourselves. More...


Brooke D.

6 October 2011

I am a Realtor with RE/MAX in LA and was working with a client of mine to help sell their home.  I brought Jill in to help with staging and some various fix it/home improvement stuff (color consult).  I was impressed with what she'd done, my clients were thrilled (as were the Buyers) and am confident it helped add to a quicker sale/higher sale price.  The clients who's home I sold ended up using her for their new home!A couple of months later I moved into my own place and used her for my own on-site design consulting to help with furniture arrangement / sourcing new furniture.  She did an amazing job and I continuing receive compliments from family/friends.My standards are very high (I'm a perfectionist) and Jill met and exceeded them.  I keep her as a top tier referral in my RE/MAX network list & have referred her to several of my clients & colleagues' clients.  Can't recommend highly enough! More...


Gwen E.

27 October 2010

Jill is fabulous!  I too was tired of making costly purchases/mistakes or frozen in decision making hell.  I finally decided to bring in a professional.  Jill helps you hone in on your style, provides a floorplan, gives great furniture and color recommendations (high/low) and sage advice at a very reasonable rate.  And she does this within a few weeks.  You pay upfront but the girl delivers!I have her working on another room because I had such a great experience.  She provides the gameplan and all you have to do is implement at your leisure. More...


Mary P.

26 July 2010

I just found Jill through a newsletter and loved her style...I had never imagined I could/would hire a designer but I have Baby #2 on the way and desperately needed to get some guidance on pulling the house together.  I was tired of making mistakes, trying to find time to repaint, obsessing over the Crate and Barrel catalogue but not being sure of my choices, etc.Jill came over for two hours and literally changed my outlook on my house and life.  She left me with paint chips for every room, recommendations on how to rearrange the furniture and how to "fix" the lighting in my house, and so much more.A week later I emailed her for glider recommendations and she found something for me that was $700 less than what I had been seeing..and I liked it better.I now feel like I have a trusted friend and advisor who takes the stress out of decisions that should be fun but never quite are...And I love that she just charges a flat rate and doesn't charge me on what she buys for you...I never understood that!  This seems so fair and budget-friendly.I love Jill Seidner!! More...


Sherianne B.

18 September 2008

I found Jill by chance via the bargains la website.  I had been looking for assistance with interior design off and on for several weeks, but, had not found anyone I would want to work with.  After checking out Jill's blog, which I LOVED, I e-mailed her to inquire about meeting to help me select paints.  She was quick to respond, and, after meeting today, I am so glad I contacted her.  I felt she had a good sense of what I wanted for my home, and, I am so happy with the paint selections we made.  I highly recommend Jill for interior design needs! More...