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Eagle Eye take stunning and professional aerial photography for a number of high end estate agents in and around Milton Keynes.

we know that marketing is a huge part of any business and we will make sure your product stands out using eye catching photography at an industry standard.

Get in touch with me if you would like any further details.


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We believe that great photography stems from the heart. Passion and motive are the main ingredients to taking a truly spectacular picture.

Post-editing is a huge part of the final picture also, this can make or brake a photo so a keen eye for detail is a must.

without the passion you'll only ever have mediocre pictures.

I love creating art with a camera. especially when its 50+ meters in the sky.

You see the world in a totally different light and i love seeing clients faces when i show them the final edit.

Having worked in estate agency for a number of years my true passion was toward the photography side of the industry.

working with vendors living in multi million pound houses and showing off their pride and joy looking its absolute best online made me want to give people the same joy myself.

Im eager to work with people to bring to life the image in their head.
Im young, eager to please and easily adaptable to fit your timeline.

you wont be disappointed choosing EagleEye uk