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18 June 2019

I exactly knew what I wanted, but I needed someone with the technical know-how, the creativity and the patience to work with me. I decided on Javis Intl Media to work together with me.I read Javis Intl Media reviews on the internet and after a few conversations decided to go with them.Since my first contact with my project manager and the technical department, the experience has been pleasant.They seemed as determined to produce the site I needed! I think they are also perfectionists.All good things in life need time and precision is crucial. Glad I went with them as the experience proved even better than I thought!To make a long story short, I got the beautiful website I required and when I wanted it, and I will likely be needing them sooner than later for another project I've got.I'd have no hesitation recommending them to any of the other many business people I know in the Oxted and London area. More...


Sajid Hussain

4 March 2019

When we decided to have a website, we chose Javis Intl Media from a list of agencies to assist us in the process. It is clear from their portfolios that they understand their clients, resulting in high quality results. From the beginning, they understood exactly what we were looking for.Throughout the process, Javis Intl Media has provided us with regular status updates. It has been extremely useful, effective, responsive. We felt comfortable when creating the website and we were pleasantly surprised by the speed and quality of progress.Javis Intl Media delivered the website 2 weeks before the agreed schedule. Since the website was launched, their communication has been just as useful and effective and they have responded quickly to any other questions we may have about "tracking" the site.We would definitely use Javis Intl Media again and would recommend it to anyone looking for an agency that delivers outstanding results. More...


Aziz Rehman

31 December 2017

"[They're] very quick, very creative, and fantastic at listening."


Aaryan Mikail

1 July 2014

The company offers bespoke websites for every customer from a price of just GBP599 plus VAT.
Offer a excellent level of service and great bespoke designs at sensible prices.

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1. Responsive Design
2. Minimalism
3. User-Friendly
4. Personalized User Experience
5. Extraordinary Content
6. Bold Colors
7. Fullscreen Videos as Backgrounds
8. Card-Based Design
9. Wall-to-Wall Site Strips
10. Unusual/Lack of Navigation

1. What is the purpose, objective or purpose of the project?

What is the purpose of the project and what does the client want to get from the work you have to do for them? Knowing your customers' expectations first is probably the most important step for a successful project for you and the customer. These questions also trust customers to improve performance, showing you are excited about work and progress in achieving objective lack.

Answers to this question will also help you and your team to stay focused on some goals that are important. They also ensure that effective strategies are developed to achieve these goals in accordance with the customer requirements they provide.
2. Frame What time is available and what is the scope of the project?

Ask this question again, so you know how much time, depending on the extent to which it is needed to complete the project. The time, cost and scope of an iron triangle that represents these three as the constraints of project management. Customer Response should also help establish benchmarks and a term for you and your team, which is very important, and even more if your team is away.

There are times when it takes time to negotiate on your skills or availability for this project. Other times, it would be impossible to change this time because the customer has a fixed time for one reason or another. The answer to this question should be to basically determine whether you can manage the project or not in time.
3. Who is the main contact for the project?

Your customer can be an individual and therefore the person with whom you will be in touch for the whole project. Then you can be your new customers part of a company and therefore not necessarily the sole responsibility for the progress of the project. It's good to know who to ask questions and further clarifications or to ask what to do with the project.

The answer to this question also eliminates the risk that too many people are running on the client side, the project that is not healthy or not what is right.
4. What will be the degree of completion?

Rather, it is to ask the customer to paint a picture of how they expect the project to be completed. It is important to know their opinion on what kind of staff that will measure the end result of the project is being used. For example, if you are building a site for a website, let me tell you if the site will be done as soon as they are completed and launched or after several weeks of running and testing.

Paying a project is especially when the job is over. If you have never prescribed a certain level of completeness, you can change it into the hands of a goal at the end of customers they want, you can not do more work than you agreed on with the pretext that your work is n finishing.
5. Will there be an evaluation of the project?

Some projects require continuous evaluation, while others do not. As a project manager that the differences and then you should make this question the potential problems with the progress of the project to anticipate.

This problem will also provide an overview of how to run the new client; Whether it's the kind of people they do not want or micromanaging projects. Such ideas should be prepared for situations that may arise because of the nature of your customers.
6. What are the main channels and forms of communication on the project?

Constant communication between you and the customer is important, and so be sure to ask this question. There are many communication channels and can provide them with each project. From my experience and your expertise in the job you do, you can always use the best means of communication if the customer has no preference.

Communication can take place via e-mail, phone, instant messaging, video chat and all of you. Project management software generally contains media, usually offer effective contact channels between you and the customer, even if you use it to manage the project.
7. What can you expect after the end of the project?

This question can mean a lot with this customer for the future of your business, then ask. Ask if the client waits for the project after the monitor completes, or if it would have liked what it needed to do another job

As web design Company we are both creative and technically inclined and uses both these attributes to build or redesign websites. We have the ability to understand what is needed to make a website functional and easy to use, but at the same time make it aesthetically appealing to the user.

I think passion is very important. While in business, it's money! I do not think passion is the decisive success factor but it certainly helps. But it also depends on individual goals. When looking for finance, passion helps bring investors on board, but from there, they are numbers which count.

Our expert's team plans your motives and build a website that works perfectly on all devices.

We can only succeed if we know what success looks like. We listen, we learn what you want to achieve and how you plan to arrive.

We believe that "Design is not just what it looks and feels. A design is how it works." We design custom websites that you and your audience customize and transform business traffic too.

We are happy to discuss, we will keep you informed about the status of the progress website.

We appreciate the complex web development projects and integration of third party software hard, but we are easy to maintain. We make it easy.