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I mainly do live music photography, but I have ventured out into other fields too; weddings, pets, landscape, portraits. Whatever you want done, I can do it.

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shaun f

8 September 2016

Jade did a superb job at such short notice. Our wedding went perfectly and Jade's pics were exactly what we wanted. Great job Jade.
Highly recommended
Shaun & Lesley


don't try to over-do it, capture the image how you see it personally; the reaction on people's faces show emotion and the feeling of the moment, mainly focus on the emotion behind the image, how it makes you feel when you look at it, capture the beauty in everything you see so that when someone else looks at the picture, they can feel what you felt at the time.

Firstly I'd find out exactly what it was they were looking for; modelling photo shoot, wedding etc so I could determine the objective of the shoot, I would then find out if there was anything specific they needed or wanted me to do in order to fulfill their requirements. I will go above and beyond for my clients to make sure they're 100% happy with the outcome and service during the time.

What I love most is capturing the memories; the moments will forever live in your mind but being able to keep a visual of that memory, that brings back all the emotions and feelings from that moment in time. I love working with different people, taking pictures of what means most to them and being able to be the person that captures the moments they'll remember forever.

I wanted to start my own business because nobody works like I do; I'm hard-working and a perfectionist, I have a unique way of doing things, my own photography rules as to composing the perfect image and how I deal with my clients is like no other.

You should choose me because I'm a perfectionist and I won't stop until I'm 100% happy with what I've done; I'll take excessive amounts of pictures in order to capture that special moment perfectly, I'm extremely hard-working and I work quickly but efficiently; which means I'll work long hours in order to get your pictures back to you as quick as possible but while still taking enough time to make sure they're perfect.