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I am qualified in reflexology with the Bath Reflexology Centre. I am a member of the AOR and have obtained further qualifications in Facial Reflexology with Lone Sorensen with advanced reflexology techniques.

I have worked with clients with both physical and non-physical ailments, including MS, cancer, kidney problems, liver problems.


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Lina Makauskaite

8 July 2019

Ivonne is very dedicated, caring and passionate professional. I was recommended her services by my good colleague at work. I decided to contact Ivonne after multiple unsuccessful visits to doctors due to sore and very itchy skin rash which was bothering me for 4 months. As my skin problems were getting progressively worse and spreading on my entire body, I had no choice as to try some alternative treatment because I was getting very distressed and tired of going to different doctors almost every week. Ivonne has happily agreed to help with my skin problems and has prepared a personalised treatment plan using a combination of methods - reflexology, herbal supplements, etc. After following Ivonne's prepared treatment plan for 1 month I can see a massive improvement on my skin already - the rash is gone and is no longer spreading. I couldn't recommend Ivonne's reflexology services enough as she is so experienced, knowledgeable and most importantly loving her job. Thank you Ivonne for looking after me. More...


Sarah Green

4 June 2019

Ivonne is a loving soul with quite remarkably strong and capable hands. She has a unique way of working that digs deep (sometimes "ow!" hahaha) and roots out imbalances in your body. She really gave her all to my sessions and my belly pain, nervous system and digestive problems are well on the way to feeling amazing. I feel lighter and softer and can breath well and my little belly is getting better every day!! I am in awe of how she works and how she heals. More...


Dominika Szymczak

26 April 2019

Ivone is amazing women ,highly recommended


Hayley Smith

18 January 2019

I have Just came away from my first reflexology session with Ivonne, and wow she has magic/healing hands. I hadn’t of told her anything, about me or my body and just by touching/ pressing/ massaging and looking at my feet, Ivonne knew exactly why I had gone to her. I left knowing that Ivonne knew me inside and out. Not only did she have magic/healing hands, but I also left knowing more about myself and I floated home feeling reenergise. Thank you so much Ivonne, I’m counted down the days to my next treatment with you. More...


Wendy Pearce Briant

21 November 2018

I used to have alot of pain in my feet when I got out of bed in the morning, Yvonne sorted it in one visit, that was a few years ago, and I've not had the pain return. She is very knowledgeable about her profession and will give the best advice. More...


Hayley Reader

10 September 2018

Fantastic I always look forward to my visits


Sylwia Karwowska

15 August 2018

I had been experiencing a backache for 2 weeks, gp did not help. Ivonne knew straight away what the problem is and after one treatment the pain has gone. Thank you �


Sarah Taylor

9 August 2018

Ivonne is a wonderful therapist - I would highly recommend her for all your issues!!


Julie Scarrett

23 July 2018

Lost 11lb in 10 days on Ivonnes advice
Over the moon xxxx
Have so much more energy


Martyna Sowinska

23 July 2018

Ivonne is great person. three months almost did not go. I have a bad knee. after the first tritment with Ivonne was a significant improvement. today passed three weeks when I back to work and I feels great. I lost 6 kilos already feels no pain and my whole life changed Meny thanks to Ivonne.:-) she is wonderful. More...


Bella Rose Clark

23 July 2018

I've seen Ivonne from early in my pregnancy and (sorry to gloat) but I've avoided the unpleasant parts of pregnancy and the baby has been in the right position all through. Feeling confident and ready for the birthing and the change ahead! Best thing I did to prepare for the baby coming. Thanks Ivonne :) X More...


Kat Hegarty

23 July 2018

Have been seeing my 'Aunty' Ivonne for over three years. Sinus infections, stress, break ups, insomnia... Any time I'm a bit out of balance, I go to see her for recalibration. She's a delight to be around and ever so wise with the advice she gives. Feels like I'm walking on clouds after seeing Ivonne. It's a truly beneficial and holistic experience which I highly recommend. More...


Cathy Glasson

23 July 2018

Ivonne is amazing, she is not what I think many people think a reflexologist is. She doesn't just do a great massage on your feet, she works with you, and for you. She cares about how you are feeling and uses her considerable skill to help with any issues you may have. I would recommend Ivonne to anyone looking for a reflexologist, she always goes above and beyond what is expected of her. More...


Juliet Alcock

23 July 2018

I love my sessions with ivonne and when I leave I feel good as new! Ivonne is lovely to talk to and she really works hard to relieve any tension/pain you may have. Since seeing ivonne I have fallen pregnant and now she is guiding me through my pregnancy so that I can hopefully have a good labour and a relaxed baby. I would recommend ivonne to anyone as I believe reflexology is very powerful and ivonne will work with you until you feel 100%. More...


Naomi Jeremy

23 July 2018

I have been seeing Ivonne for a couple of months now and already she has helped me to feel better in myself! Ivonne has been treating me with reflexology and given lots of helpful tips and advice on my diet which has completely changed what I am eating for the better. As a result I am no longer getting migraines, its helped me to manage stress and the best gift is I am loosing weight and feeling great. Ivonne has such a caring, approach and has been a massive support along my health journey. I couldn't recommend her enough. Thank you :) More...


Jodie Elizabeth

23 July 2018

I have been having reflexology with Ivonne regularly for years. She is always my first point of call when I am feeling unwell, stressed or generally out of sorts and she always manages to make me feel back to 100%...no matter what my issue! I initially went to Ivonne for help with my sinuses and after a course pf 5 sessions I can honestly say I rarely get any problems now, if I do it's straight back to Ivonne to work her magic!
Today I had a different treatment for me, a facial. It was relaxing, thorough and my ski. Is feeling fantastic and rejuvenated as a result of Ivonne's hard work and top quality products.
Ivonne is such a caring and professional lady who has now also become a friend. I would highly recommend her and all of her treatments!


Lucinda Southall

23 July 2018

Best healer I’ve been too, she always makes me feel supported and cared for, and gives good advice! Ive been going for a few years now and would recommend her to anyone


Sabrina Moussa-Hynam

23 July 2018

Just had a treatment from ivonne. An absolutely fantastic experience, I feel completely relaxed now and looking forward to the next treatment - she definitely has magic hands!


Tan Pearce

23 July 2018

Omg ware do I begin Ivonne is so lovely and friendly i felt at ease as soon as i sat down i felt so relaxed my feet feel like I'm on clouds so defo recommended if you want some you time or just to treat someone make a appointment with this lovely lady ����


Tanya Pearce

13 December 2016

Omg ware do I begin Ivonne is so lovely and friendly i felt at ease as soon as i sat down i felt so relaxed my feet feel like I'm on clouds so defo recommended if you want some you time or just to treat someone make a appointment with this lovely lady ����

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